February 19, 2013

put a button on it

Happy Tuesday, friends! Just wanted to pop in and share that the lovely Emily from The Boy Trifecta has used her mad techie skillz to make a button for the 1st annual #OHcraft sew-in!


Feel free to put this button on your blog/website/body in whatever way you see fit. We'd love to have as many lovely crafty folks as possible come to the sew-in on November 8-10 in Hueston Woods so post the button to help get the word out! There's a Saturday only option at the sew-in for folks not able to spend the night (click here for more details); also, this fun event is not just for peeps who live in Ohio- so far we have registrations from people in five different states, including California!

TTFN! :)

xo, Kara


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