February 27, 2013

swap me baby, one more time!

I don't know what has gotten into me but I have been signing up for swaps like my life depends on it! Probably cuz it's so darn fun to make gifts for people + getting stuff in the mail, like you're a kind again. :) One of the four swaps I've participated in so far this year is Bonnie's Love Day Swap!

Bonnie's swap wasn't anonymous- she paired folks up and then we got to know each other to see what the other one might like in their valentine themed goodie bag! I was paired up with Jazmin from My Little Pumpkin and she treated me to TWO different sets of goodies!
@mlpbyjazmin , the eagle has landed!!! I ❤ my #pslovedayswap goodies so much!!! When it is snowing here this weekend, I am going to brew some Hawaiian coffee, eat some Hawaiian chocolate and think tropical thoughts. ☺ Thank you!!!
She made me a really pretty zipper pouch which I LOVE because zippers scare the living day lights out of me. She also made me a Valentine's Day banner, heart shaped washcloths, barettes, magnet and scented sachets with the letters L-O-V-E on them. Jazmin is from Hawaii so she topped everything off with some yummy treats Hawaiian treats! Kona coffee, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, chips, tea... SO GOOD!

About a week later I checked the mail and there was ANOTHER package from Jazmin!
This one had some of the best macadamia nuts, Hawaiian chocolates and exotic treats I have ever seen. Plus, she included three different Hawaiian prints that are so pretty and SO soft! I used the brown one over the weekend and made a drawstring bag (using Jeni's pattern) to hold my nephew's new birthday Chucks.
Channeled my inner @missletterm and made a @jenib320 drawstring bag to hold my nephew's birthday Chucks! ☺

For the goodies I sent to her, I made her two drawstring bags using lovey dovey fabric (bought during this fun trip!), included a bunch of fat quarters from the lovely Sewn Studio, a cute little mug with a bird on it (for the hipster in all of us) and some coffee...
a candle and little candle holder...
a little pre-cut pack of Posy, some notebooks and heart pencils and lots of looooove. :)

I totally forgot to take a picture of of her package all together but luckily Jazmin didn't and shared this after she had opened her box-
I can share the goodies I gave to @mlpbyjazmin in the #pslovedayswap now that she's received them! I'm so glad you like everything!!! ☺☺☺

I had so much fun participating in this swap! It was really great getting to know Jazmin and was super spoiled by two boxes full of goodies!  Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go catch up on some sewing for another swap. :)

xo, Kara

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