Welcome to your one stop shop for all things #OHcraft!

#OHcraft is nothing fancy but it is lots of fun; we're just a bunch of supportive, encouraging friends (new and old!) who love to get our craft on together! While most of us live in or near the Buckeye state, you're certainly not shunned if you don't. ;)

In November of 2013 we held our first annual #OHcraft sew-in to a resounding success! 55 folks came and got their craft on; click here to read more about the event, including a list of our generous sponsors! Our second annual sew-in is coming up in October 2014... keep an eye out on my blog for more information on this in May!

We're always having fun in between sew-ins; if you'd like to connect with us virtually, click on one of the links below and become our friend! :)

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#OHcraft on Instagram

xo, Kara
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