January 17, 2013

you like me! you really like me!

How fun is this- Erin nominated me for the Liebester Blogger Award!
How this fun little recognition works is that if a fellow blogger nominates you and you chose to participate- you win! I can totally handle that. :) Choosing to participate means you answer 11 questions that your nominator sends to you and you share 11 facts about yourself. Then, you pick 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers to nominate, pick 11 new questions for them and the circle of life continues. This is such a great way to show a little virtual love to your fellow bloggers and a way to get to know them better!

Here are the questions Erin asked of the folks she nominated, along with my answers:

What's your favorite movie? Definitely Steel Magnolias! Don't talk about me like I'm not here!!!

Tell me something about the town you grew up in. I grew up in a small, working class neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. The last house we lived in there was just two doors down from a railroad track which you might think would be annoying but the sounds were quite soothing. I had a really hard time getting to sleep when we moved from there!

Where do you think you got your "quilty" or "crafty" gene? My mom is so crafty, she basically sweats glitter. :) Throughout my childhood she was always making clothes for me or items for the house.

If you had to pick a movie star who's most similar to you (in any way), who would it be (and post a picture, please!) So, I totally put this question out to some of my peeps because it was so hard! My bestie, Kimbo, says that I'm a combination between Blanche and Rose on The Golden Girls which I definitely agree with. Annie is totally getting a kick BUTT baby gift because of her answer: "Anne Hathaway because you are so smart and like to read and just scholarly, in general. Julia Roberts because you have a fantastic laugh."

celebrity collage

What is your most favorite quilt block you've ever made? I haven't made it yet! See, I'm in this great bee this year called Simply Solids: a modern bee  and the block we are making for February is AMAZING; click here to see it!

Do you have a name for your sewing machine? ELNA!!! And she is perfect. :)
Oh my gosh, Elna has never been more beautiful!!! @hitched_and_stitched , THANK YOU SO MUCH for my Christmas gift! I ❤ it SO MUCH!!!
She was feeling bashful; you understand.

How many sewing machines do you own (and what brand(s) are they)? I own one beautiful, lovely Elna 340. She's pretty fantastic and I may name my next cat after her.
What kind of space do you create in (i.e. a spare room, the dining room, the basement, a closet) do tell! I'm fortunate to have a very supportive partner who has totally supported me in transforming our guest bedroom into a sewing room! That room is all crafty, all the time; I'll be doing a tour of it on here soon!
What does your significant other think about your crafty ways? She is very supportive! Sometimes I feel like sewing is a very solitary act and when you work all day, you could potentially never see your other half if you just sewed all night. So, lots of times I'll do embroidery, cross stitch or crochet during the week so that we can be together and talk and on the weekends when there is more free time, I'll spend time with Elna.
Have you ever participated in an online/virtual Bee? Which one(s)? I'm participating in my first, Simply Solids: a modern bee, now!
If you had to pick one word to describe you, what would it be? Christian
And here are 11 random facts about me!

1. I have enough hair on my head to fill a feather bed with.

2. I had a dream this week that my boyfriend was Axl Heck from "The Middle". That is bizarre in so many ways.
3. I was a competitive tap dancer until the age of 13! I also took classes a couple years back and we had a recital... it was pretty amazing. :)
Before the big number, feeling a little nervous!!! We nailed it though. :)

4. I once had a personalized license plate that said MANDONA (bossy in Spanish- a nickname of sorts from my little Spanish brother) but everyone thought it said MADONA so I got rid of it at the first possible opportunity.
5. My first job, besides being a baby-sitter, was in a men's restroom at the Cincinnati Zoo.
6. Our cats names are Michael and Jackson. If we get others after they croak, their names will be Willie and Nelson. They'll be sneaky and evade those in authority.
the boys

7. I am addicted to scarves! I wear them more days than I don't, every season of the year.
8. I may be the only person on earth who loves "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg. Don't hate.
9. I have three thumbs.
10. That may or may not be a lie.
11. I'm a fake construction workers.
Well, wasn't that fun! :) The 11 folks I choose to nominate for the Liebester Blogger Award are...
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, are to answer the following questions and follow the rest of the instructions above! Please share as many pictures that correspond to your answers too. :)
  1. What's your blood type? Just kidding. What's your favorite fabric line?
  2. Where do you do most of your crafty making?
  3. Tell us about your day job.
  4. If you had a week to spend with nobody but yourself and an unlimited amount of funds, what would you do?
  5. When did you start your crafty empire?
  6. What's your favorite quote or philosophy?
  7. What makes you happy?
  8. What's the biggest crapper of a mistake that you've made while being crafty?
  9. Tell us your guilty pleasure!
  10. Toilet paper- over or under?
  11. I'm keeping Erin's last question because I love it so much- describe yourself in one word and one word only.
I'm so excited to learn more about you guys!!! Everyone reading, head over to their blogs; you'll be sure to be blown away by their creativity! :)

xo, Kara


  1. Love it, girl! I love that we get to 'know' each other better by doing this. Your post made me laugh - thank you!

  2. thanks so much Kara!! I have been flapping about ever since I got your email - I know it will take me days to do a proper blog post in response, so will let you know when I finally do! Loved reading your post. And now - I'm off to check out gizoogle!! Catherine.

  3. I'm still reading (you can't get rid of me!) and you are still a riot! Miss ya!


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