January 18, 2013

fo' shizzle my wizzle

Oh em gee, have you heard of Gizoogle?
Kimbo introduced it to me and it has basically lit up my life. :) Here's how it works- go to www.gizoogle.net and type anything in you'd like to Gizoogle- the ghetto version of Google. I put in "me and elna blog" and it took me to my blog, only soooooooooooo much better!


mah crazy assCheck out my "about me":

It says:

about mah crazy ass n' elna

Kara, along wit her sewin machine Elna, lives just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio wit her ghettofab lady playa n' they two cats, Michael n' Jackson. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Biatch enjoys all manner of crafty madness, collectin mo' Pyrex than any one thug could possibly need n' takin long strutts on tha beach.

I started reading through my posts and this is probably my most favorite Gizoogled section from my last post:
Where do you be thinkin you gots yo' "quilty" and "crafty" gene?
My fuckin momma is so crafty, her ass basically sweats glitter. :) Throughout mah childhood her ass was always bustin threadz fo' mah crazy ass and shit fo' tha house.
Have you ever seen anything so amazing in your LIFE?! People, THIS IS BASICALLY WHO I WANT TO BE!!! I want to be Gizoogle, for realz.

If you do nothing else today, Gizoogle yourself, yo. I'd REALLY love to hear in the comments what it says about you!!! :D

xo, Kara


  1. Oh.My.GOD. I've never laughed so hard - at myself?

  2. this is too friggin' hilarious!!!! Im totally gonna share this with the fam! haha

    ~Jazmin (MLPbyJazmin)

  3. This is fabdizzle! My blog is freaking hilarious with this. Thanks for sharing. lolololol


  4. I be thankful fo' mah family, includin mah up in laws. I be especially thankful fo' mah muthafathas, mah kids, mah straight-up dope hubby, n' mah grandchildren. I be thankful dat I be able ta work n' support mah family. I be thankful fo' tha roof over our heads, tha threadz on our backs, n' tha chicken on our table. If up in dis thuglife I was ta never have mo' than that, I would be forever grateful n' aiiight.

  5. I just came to your blog because I am a friend of elna too AND it turns out I live in Cincinnati! I have never heard of Gizoogle but I was laughing to tears as I ready my (and my friend's) blog. So funny. Thanks for a laugh on a Saturday morning!


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