October 10, 2012

sweet land of liberty

Oh, friends! It's been far too long!

The past few weeks have been banana pants crazy around these parts and I had to put blogging on the back burner for, you know, bathing and Taco Bell runs. Some of the highlights while we were away from each other (*sniff*):

My mom went to the ER! What.
This lady tries to die on us all the time but she held off and rightfully so because as the clock turned to midnight on September 27, it was her birthday! Here's a little diddy my sister and I worked up for her.

Klassy, I know.

The day after she came home from the hospital, she moved to a new house!

I mean, seriously- we couldn't have timed it better if we tried.

But- back up. In the wee hours of the morning of Mom's hospital stay, I won some Liberty Lifestyle fabric!!! I was on Instagram around 4:30 that morning and saw that they were rewarding the 100th Facebook "liker" with some of their goodies. I jumped on the 'Book and, wouldn't you know, I was lucky #100. Jesus loves me- BIG time. :)

It magically appeared at my door step from London in less than a week! I heart those Liberty folk. :)

Here are my four favorite designs... I think. I love them all!

And if that wasn't enough, I also got the best "scraps" (psh) treat EVER from westwood acres:

Denyse AND Lotta! I die.

So- all in all, a pretty eventful few weeks! My first ever Secret Santa Swap is in full effect too and I'm having SO much fun getting lots of super secret pictures from the various participants! There are some CRAZY talented ladies in this group! 2/3 of the participants have blogs; you should fo sho check them out.

Amy at form*work
Brandy at Crafty Girl Squared
Brooke at Drunken Monkey Knits
Catherine at cat & vee
Elisa at Woozy Quilts
Gina at Yarn Over by Gina
Jessica P. at Plum Patchwork
Jessica S. at A Full Bobbin
Jessica S. (squared) at remnants:fiber[culture]
Kim at Hitched and Stitched
Kristin at Moser Photos
McKinzie at Kakes by Kinzie
Meig at Crafty Girl Squared and Global Odyssey
Ros at Sew Delicious

Alright, kids. Back to the daily grind. TTFN!

xo, Kara

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  1. Love this blog post! And your blog :) It's so darling, and so much fun!


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