October 1, 2012

secret santa swap- it's on like donkey kong!

The first annual Secret Santa Swap, hosted by {me and elna}, has officially started!
me and elna

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And I even made a button for you! You're welcome. :)
The deadline to sign up for the swap was Friday, September 28, and the guidelines for it are pretty simple:
  • there are lots of fun swaps around the blogosphere but this swap is for making something crafty to send to someone else; this can include handmade sewn items, crochet, knitted, painted, etc. No store bought items or food for the main gift; of course, if you're making something like a fun tote bag and you'd like to throw a fun goody like a book or a few pieces of candy in there I'm most definitely not going to stop you! :)
  • the gift that you make should have an approximate retail value between $20 and $30; if you're unsure if yours "fits the bill", send me a quick email and we'll figure it out together!
  • gifts much be mailed to the recepient no later than Friday, November 16th- November 9th if mailing internationally
  • all gifts must include a card stating who they are from
  • PLEASE send a thank you card to the person who made your gift
There are over 20 fine folks who signed up for the swap, many of whom have blogs! Those peeps are:
Amy at form*work
Catherine at cat & vee
Elisa at Woozy Quilts
Jessica P. at Plum Patchwork
Jessica S. at A Full Bobbin
Jessica S. (squared) at remnants:fiber[culture]
Kristin at Moser Photos
McKinzie at Kakes by Kinzie
They were all emailed their super secret partner deets last week and several have sent me pictures of what they're working on. Let me tell you, y'all are in for a TREAT when you see some of these great gifts! Seriously, you ladies are impressing the pants off of  me. :) If you haven't decided what to make yet and are looking for inspiration, check out this post for holiday themed ideas and this post for every day gifts.
Make sure you check out everyone's blogs to see what they're working on! Once everyone gets their gifts in November, I'll be hosting quite a few of these peeps who will share with you pictures and tutorials of how they made their gifts. Makes me so excited I almost wanna slap my mama. :)
xo, Kara


  1. thanks Kara, I made the most of the school holidays over here and have finished my Secret Santa item!!

    My camera is busted and I've had to send it to Canon - so unless I hijack one of the kids' dodgy cameras, I can't take any sneaky pics to upload to my blog just yet. Or any pics of anything ... I might have to resort to taking some pics on my phone.

    I stuck pretty closely to my partner's likes/dislikes in their profile, so I think my swap will be kind of obvious once I upload pics ...

    I enjoyed making my secret item - I'll post it once I get some good pics to keep. Christmas is coming early to someone ....

    see you, thanks for organising, Cat.

  2. You totally have to show me how to make a button...I'm very impressed!

  3. Hi guys! I'm playing an have a blog, too. :) sarcasticquilter.blogspot.com. I'm finishing up my item today and sending in the next day or two. It's been a journey but a fun one.


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