September 21, 2012

today's the day

That's right, folks! Today's the last day to sign up for me and elna's Secret Santa Swap!

I've got just a smidge under 20 fan-freaking-tastic peeps registered and you can join in the fun too but only if you email me at with the information from this post by midnight, September 21!

Yesterday I shared with you some ideas of non-holiday gifts you can make for your Secret Santa and today I'm back with more- but holiday themed! All swap participants will get a document next week with their secret partner's deets, including whether or not your new homie would like a wintery-holidayie-wonderland gift... and if they do, this is the place for you to get inspiration.

You're welcome. :)

Below are some of my favorite holiday tutorial links from my Holiday Madness page on Pinterest. If none of these guys ring your bell, I also shared quite a few holiday themed tutorials in this post .

This snowflake pillow comes to you from Noodle Head. Don't you love it?! You could make this in various shades of red or if you'd like something a little more muted, you could use a pretty light blue like Kona in Ice Frappe. And, seriously, wouldn't silver stitching on the applique be ridiculously festive? :)

Isn't this tree pillow the cutest? It would be easy to make this into a super wintery pillow with lots of fun embellishments (appliqued ornaments! stitched tinsle!) or just keep nice and simple with various shades of solid greens, like these.

I love this Christmas inspired quilt from Cluck, Cluck, Sew- wouldn't it make a great bed runner too? I love making bed runners- they can really change up the look of a bedroom and take sooooooo much less time than making a quilt. Check out this post from the first time I made a bed runner.

Did I mention how fast it is to make a bed runner? Dude. It's like a little interior decorating gift from God.

Lastly, here's a Christmas table runner that I made last year using Kate Spain's Flurry line.

I love this table runner! It was so stinking Christmasy and really helped to put my dining room in the holiday spirit. :) Here's the post with the tutorial I wrote for it.

Well, kids, I hope that put you in the crafty holiday mood! I'll be emailing all swap partiticipants your partner deets next week... eeeeeeeeeeeek!!! :D

xo, Kara

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  1. Weeee. I'm excited to get all the dirt on my swap partner! :)


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