September 24, 2012

{book review vlog}: 'death in a prairie house" by william r. drennan

I was in the great city of Columbus, Ohio a couple of weeks back for work and recorded a little book review vlog just for YOU! :) Here's my take on "Death in a Prairie House" by William R. Drennan.

Loved that book and am looking for more on Frank Lloyd Wright but this time with more about his architecture and less about his crazy life; any suggestions?

Once I got to Columbus, in between work meetings I made stops at two of my favorite spots in C-bus-  Jeni's and Sew to Speak! (check out this post for more on the area)

On my way to Jeni's in Short North (I looooooove that area) I found a new mural that I hadn't seen before.
Don't you love it?!

The ice cream at Jeni's was ridiculously good- Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry. I know- sounds kooky but seriously SOOOOO good; try it if you're in the neighborhood. :)
Before heading home I swung by Sew to Speak for a few lovelies. I showed SO MUCH RESTRAINT!!! Lord have mercy, I deserve a freaking medal for not buying that whole dang shop. Seriously, they have such a great selection of crafty items it'll make you want to slap your mama.

I ended up with some great prints by Amy Butler (remember when Sew to Speak hosted homegirl for the evening?), Anna Maria Horner and Art Gallery + just about the best embroidery book ever put out. When I got home, I noticed the cutest little line on Sew to Speak's receipt:

It reads "thanks! now go home and SEW and then come back!"

My plans for all of the fabric except for the Amy Butler Cameo print is to make infinity scarves; I've made one so far and- added bonus- it matches my coffee mug at the office!
Now, isn't that just a sweet little gift from God? :) 

I plan on backing the Anna Maria Horner and Art Gallery cotton fabrics in the pink voile above for bulkier, longer infinity scarves that I'll wear the crap out of this fall. (Klassy, no?) The Cameo colors match my kitchen perfectly so I'm thinking I'll use it to embellish some tea towels (like this) and make some potholders too.

There you go, folks- books, ice cream and fabric. Seriously, I'm like freaking Santa Clause up in here. :)

xo, Kara


  1. You are making me laugh out loud at the dentist office so people think in crazy. I'll have to wait until I'm out of here to listen. :( you know there's a Jeni's down the block from sew to speak now, RIGHT?? It's on high st next to north star cafe. My husband was super excited. And yeah, the sweet corn rocks. But not as much as the cantaloupe!

  2. Ok, got to listen to you :) two books I really liked about FLW, before I forget, were Magnificent Obsession, which is mainly about the impact his aesthetic had in Japan (who knew!), and Building taliesin, which may or may not be out of print? Also, the ken burns documentary was really interesting, but focuses more on him than his work, but there was another one awhile ago (maybe by nat'l geographic or a&e?) called something like America's castles or American castle (I know, super helpful!) that focuses on his us residential bldgs that was really good.
    Also, totally different sub matter, but have you read Clara and mr Tiffany? It's a wonderful slightly fictionalized book about the primacy of women in Tiffany's stained glass productions. Sorry, the nerdy art historian in me can't help but make book suggestions, even when unsolicited.
    Was this book scary? I'm such a baby, but it sounds interesting...

  3. Love your crafty pursuits and that you vlog while driving. Still trying to wrap my head around that one.


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