September 20, 2012

all i want for christmas is yoooooooou...

There's just one day left to sign up for me and elna's Secret Santa Swap!

If you haven't signed up yet, read this post for more details and email the information to me at by end of day tomorrow!

I'm here today to share with you some fun links from my Craftastic page on Pinterest that would make great Secret Santa gifts! Remember that the gift/s that you make for your secret santa should be between $20-$30 in retail value and homemade; if you have any questions about whether your idea/s fits that criteria, please feel free to email me and we can figure it out together!

This tutorial is for Jeni from In Color Order's lined drawstring bag. I bought the pattern for this bag and I love it! I use these bags for cross stitch projects and when traveling and am making them this year to put Christmas gifts into and to be a part of the gift. Anywho, the free pattern is featured in the link below; check it out!

Here's another version of Jeni's bag but with PATCHWORK! I DIE. :)

This link is for various e-reader cases. I think these make for great gifts even if you're not sure if someone has an e-reader, as they can be used for many other things.

Source: via Kara on Pinterest

A crocheted basket! What?! Seriously love this mother. I think I would find a home for it next to the bookshelf in the living room, filling it up with hand sewing or cross stitch supplies.

I pinned this tutorial for a patchwork basket a while ago and still haven't gotten around to making one; for SHAME. Wouldn't a couple of these make for a great gift?

I am in love with this pillow. I first saw Beki at Artsy Crafty Babe making a similar design a while back and have really enjoyed them ever since!

This Go Anywhere Bag is kinda the perfect gift for a girl, in  my humble opinion. It's got a nice shape but is still big enough to haul around all of your loot!

Speaking of bags, take a look at this! It's technically a tote bag but looks so much more sophisticiated than a typical tote. Who wouldn't love to receive this from their Secret Santa?!

I hope those links got your motor going! I'm so excited about this swap and I can't wait to see what everyone makes. :)

I'll be back tomorrow with some gift making ideas from my Holiday Madness page. And, don't forget, if you haven't signed up for the Secret Santa Swap yet, there's still time! Just check out this post for details and email the needed information to me at by end of day on Friday, September 20. :)

xo, Kara

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