June 29, 2012

teeny weeny, itsy bitsy...

You know what's funny? Apparently when you make a new blog on Blogger these days, you have to make your profile on Google+ too. Sure, whatevs. Well, when making said profile you have to enter both your first and last name. I wanted my name to be Kara @me_and_elna, not that I care about y'all knowing my last name (it's easy to find out), but so people would know who I am when I comment on their blog. Well, a last name can't start with an @ on Google+. Dud. So, I decided to be goofy and put in different names so I could look at them on the screen, giggle and then delete them. What can I say, I'm an 8 year-old at heart apparently. :)

WELL, turns out that Google+ has a cap on how many times you can change your profile name... and the last goofy name I put in is apparently my new profile name for TWO YEARS. Friends, may I introduce you to the artist formerly known as...
Yep. My name is now Kara-Kara Pumpkineater. Awesome. Now when someone comments on your blog and you think it's a renegade nursery rhyme character from your past- surprise- it's just me.

You're welcome. :)

Anywho, I've been on a kick making little things lately! My friend, Tricia, bought some super cute sheets at Target for her daughters and brought the little cloth bags that they came in to work. She said that her girls have been filling the little bags with toys and toting them around the house and thought they'd make cute little bags. I assessed dear Tricia's sewing skills in half a second and snatched the bags away so I could put proper handles on them (love ya!). :) Result?
Add handles to one of those bags that sheets come in at Target and you've got the perfect little bag for a kiddo to put little toys in.
A cute little bag ready to be filled with little toys!

I thought about doing some gathering and gussets and la, la, la on the bags (there's another one too with horses) but I decided not to as it really is just a cloth bag that sheets came in. But isn't it cute?! I love being able to re-use things. For this handle, I used a coordinating scrap that I had and cut it to 17.5"x3.5" and folded both sides to meet in the middle, then folded again and sewed. Then I attached it to either side of the bag.
Handles for sheet bag!
Easy peasy. :)

A while back I bought Jeni's great drawstring bag tutorial and I've had lots of fun using it! My first try at the tutorial was to make a little bag to hold a sweet little girl's Polly Pockets-
Isn't it so teeny?! Perfect for those Pollies, I tell ya.

I decided to make some bigger ones this week for big people use.
One more @jenib320 drawstring bag. Michael's not impressed but I am.  #sewing #cats #crazycatlady
I made this one for Heather (Michael wasn't impressed but I was)...

This one for me-
One more @jenib320 drawstring bag; this one is the perfect size for #crossstitch . ☺ #sewing #annamariahorner
And this one for a friend (it's a surprise, shhhh!)-
Love making drawstring bags with @jenib320 's great tutorial! #sewing #annamariahorner
I love them!!! My bag is the perfect size for holding my current cross-stitch project. Can you guess what it is?
Dorothy's suit is looking mighty nice! ☺ #thegoldengirls #weelittlestitches #crossstitch #crafty
These bags were a lot of fun to make and the instructions were VERY easy to understand! I'd highly recommend picking one up and, hold onto your knickers, they're on sale this week! Click here and you can buy the pattern for just $5.50. If you make one, I'd love to see pictures!

What about you? Any teeny weeny craft projects going on at your house this weekend? It's going to be SCORCHING here so it's the perfect excuse to stay inside in the air conditioning and get your crafty madness on! :)



    I'm going to be giggling at that for the next few weeks, methinks.

    Working on quilted placemats for my bro's famfam. Doesn't sound teeny, but it uses 2" squares for the patchwork part and there's 48 2" squares per placemat, times 8 placemats. Yipe. They're SO COOL though. :) Plus teeny stitches on the appliqued names.

  2. Haha! That is hilarious. i wondered what the backstory was behind the name when I saw it!!! Btw, great new blog and great header - Rachael did a lovely job!


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