July 9, 2012

i've got friends in craaaafty places...

If you don't sing that title to the tune of Garth Brooks in this diddy, there's nothing more I can do for you.

shorts on the line buttonAnywho, have you been to Rachael's lovely blog imagine gnats lately? Holy cow, there's so much going on over there! This month is her ode to homemade shorts, shorts on the line.

It's a super fun month of different lovies in blogland posting about the beautiful handmade shorts they've made and how you can too! Plus there's some really freaking fantastic prizes if you participate in the shorts-palooza this month. What are you waiting for, yo? PS: to be fair, imagine gnats has pretty great give-aways all the time... check out these fun Riley Blake Ombre Dots I won courtesy of her sponsor, Fat Quarter Shop!

Besides the shorts madness and all of the give-aways going on over at her place, Rachael is a graphic designer extraordinaire! She made for me the lovely header and blog button you see debuting on the blog today!

Don't you love it?!?! I practically peed my pants when I first saw it! She did SUCH an amazing job... I think she captured our personalities, mine and Elna's of course, perfectly. I'm gunning for her to start a side business out of graphic design just because she's that great... until then, I'll just keep paying her with milkshakes from Steak n' Shake. :)

I've had such fun getting to know awesome bloggers in this little crafty land. One of my newest hobbies is participating in swaps! Have you participated in any? I'm growing mighty addicted. :) Last month I participated in that moxie girl's Denyse Schmidt swap and it was loads of fun.

For this swap, participants mailed to Jill (the girl with the moxie) 56 5" squares (totaling one yard) of a Denyse Schmidt print. I have fallen in love with Denyse's Flea Market Fancy line and signed up to contribute this mother.

ds swap

Once Jill received all the squares, she divided them up amongst the participants (GOD BLESS YOU) and mailed us each back 56 squares of different Denyse Schmidt fabric! Awesome freaking SAUCE. I got my packet of goodness last week-
Denyse Schmidt swap goodies received from @thatmoxiegirl !!!  #denyseschmidt #swap #sewing #fabric
Which I immediately had to sort according to Roy G Biv.

My precious...
Can't wait to sew these guys into something spectacular! I think I'll add some solids and whites to these guys, grab my rotary cutter and go to HST heaven. :)
Pile O' Fabric Kona Swap
Speaking of solids... I'm in a Kona fabric swap too! This one is hosted by Pile O' Fabric and is the same idea as Jill's except instead of sending one yard of 5" squares, you send two yards and you're assigned solid colors of yummy Kona fabric to cut. In return, you get 112 different 5" squares of all different color solids! DUDE! The colors I'm contributing are Aloe and Pond and they are so yummy in person.

Anywho, needless to say I love swaps... I'm feeling like I need to be a giver though and just not a taker. Whatcha think- should I sponsor a swap some time? Would you participate? What kind of swap would get your motor rotary cutter going? Let me know, yo! :)



  1. Go for it! I'd be up for anything but "I Spy".

  2. I just found you via Instagram - I have an Elna too!! We seem to be a minority in this quilty world and was pleased to find another. Love your new header!

  3. whooooo hooo!! somehow i missed this post ;( are you still thinking about the butler palooza extravaganza?

  4. Sponsor a fun swap! But don't make it too crafty...I want to participate!


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