June 26, 2012

what's in a name?

Well, helloooooooo! Fancy seeing you here. :)

Welcome to my new blog, me and elna. I've imported some of older posts from my personal blog (which is now closed) so while there are quite a few posts on this site, this is the first one I've actually typed on me and elna. Pretty exciting, huh? :)

I've gotten lots of questions about why I've changed URLs and blog names and the answer is an easy one: I just want to focus on all things creative here in bloggieland and this is my new home for doing that! What you won't find here are my thoughts on religion, politics or your mom... what I do plan on posting here are pictures of different projects I'm working on, tutorials, book reviews, fun things to do around the city... basically anything that inspires me to live a more creative life. I hope they encourage you too.

If you're an "old" reader I'm so glad you made the move over to me and elna with me! If you're a new reader, I couldn't be happier. I'm excited to start this creative journey with you. In between blog posts, here are some other ways to connect with me and elna:

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Also, I'm more than slightly addicted to Instagram... I love that site like a yuppie loves Volvos. My username there is me_and_elna. Check me out, yo.

Oh- did I mention that Elna's the name of my sewing machine? I love her. :)

Enough of that! Onward, friends!

Last Friday my favorite patchwork shop in all of creation, Sewn Studio in Cincinnati, hosted Amy and David Butler for a meet and greet. If Sewn held an opening for an envelope, I'd be there to support them, but Amy and David Butler? Shooooot... you guys know how to have a good time. :)
Amy & David Butler visit Sewn Studio
All photos courtesy of the lovely Rachael at imagine gnats.
Heather, Kim and I stopped by for a while and had a great time! There was such Butler goodness there, including books...

Amy & David Butler visit Sewn Studio


Amy & David Butler visit Sewn Studio

And, wait for it...

Amy & David Butler visit Sewn Studio
The lovely Butlers themselves! That's me in the middle of the Butler sandwich.
Amy and David were so very kind... can't even tell you! They're the kind of folks who after talking to them, you feel better about yourself. Seriously need to add them to my Christmas card list. :)

I had such a great time visiting with Amy and David and learned some fun things to pass along to you! Amy has a new line coming out this fall by the name of Cameo.

Aren't they beautiful? I saw some of these prints in person at Sewn and that little snippet above does them no justice.

Also, David Butler's in a band! They're the Black Owls and they're pretty great; be sure to check them out.
He's also got a new line of Parson Gray lovelies coming out in the fall which he assured me are "made of awesome". I'm quite sure they are, Mr. Butler. :)

If you haven't picked up any Amy Butler or Parson Gray fabric yet, it is high time you do! And, if you're in Cincinnati, you must buy it at Sewn. You're welcome. :)



  1. Thank you for the kind comment on my new blog! Im excited to see what is upcoming on yours!

  2. Following you over here, because I love a good craft and your witty sense of humor can't be beat! You are a superstar there with the Butlers...how fun is that?!

    Now I am going to have to get my sewing machine fixed so I can follow along at home.


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