April 12, 2012

{shop hop} sew to speak shoppe- columbus, ohio

Have you been to Columbus, Ohio before? I go there fairly often for work and every time I do I stop by Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in the Short North District. For the ice cream, YES, because it's AMAZING...
Oh, Salty Caramel ice cream, you sweet bitch.

Paper lanterns on the ceiling at Jeni's
But I also go to Short North because it is so freaking easy on the eyes! Take a look at these beauties hanging out there-

Cobblestone streets and shadows make my heart go pitter patter!

Who's that I see...?

Oh, it's YOU!

I had a little time to burn while I was in C-bus last week so I put out a call on Facebook of other places to visit while up there and a friend of mine suggested a local fabric store, Sew to Speak! Uh- local and fabric? Yes, freaking PLEASE! :)

Don't let the cuteness of the shoes fool you, they hurt like a mo' fo'.

Sew to Speak is in Clintonville which is about a 10 minute drive from downtown Columbus and, frankly, I'd drive there from Cincinnati if the lovely Sewn Studio wasn't right around the corner. :)

Here's a snippet of who they are as shared on their website:

We are a mother and daughter team running a family business with only a few employees, who have become like family to us. We love fabric and sewing and want to share that joy with other like crafters.
We first started as a brick and mortar shoppe in Columbus, Ohio in February of 2008. Our shoppe is a small retail space with a little classroom space in the back.

In 2009 we decided to venture out of our small shoppe and into the vast World Wide Web.

Our mission is to serve and inspire in the world of sewing.

Well, boys and girls, their shop inspired me! As you see from my little collage above, it is freaking adorable. They also carry a WONDERFUL variety of designer fabric lines...


Any place that loves Tula Pink is my kind of place. :)

While trying to decide what to buy (there was no way I was leaving empty handed), I looked up. No, not at Jesus, but at the beauty that drew me to a shelf of funky old-fashion looking fabric. Was it? Could it BE?!
IT WAS! It was Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt!!!

Kids, I have wanted to get my hands on some Flea Market Fancy for AGES but could never find it anywhere in Cincinati! And, there it was- all lined up waiting for me to roll around in them repectfully and normally buy them.

I thought about just buying a quarter yard of a couple of them for some fun pillows... then I thought about getting a couple yards to make new pillowcases for the bed... then I decided screw it! I'm buying the whole line!
And that is what I did- I bought a fat quarter of each of the 21 designs in the line. And it was good. :)
I've had these beauties for a week now and I haven't even unfolded them yet; I just admire them in their folded goodness. I think I'll break them open when we get back from Europe next month, and classes are over, so I can have lots of uninterrupted time to play with them. I'm thinking of making quilts kinda like this or this. Whatcha think?

After my heavenly experience at Sew to Speak, I was feeling like a lousy partner and decided that I needed to get Heather a little something to bring home. After all, I did have ice cream and took pictures of amazing sights and made out with bought some fabric. So, it was back to Short North I went to get a shirt for my sweetie at Homage.

Free bottles of Coke? Don't mind if I do. :)

And... maybe I got a matching shirt for myself... :)

Moral of the story? While I always knew Short North in Columbus was my happy northern place, I just may have to replace its spot in my heart with Sew to Speak. Not much can come between a girl and her love of designer fabric. :)


  1. Oh wow! You already know I don't sew, but I think I would love to walk around inside this place and look at all the lovely eye candy fabric. Gorgeous!

  2. Awesome blog post!! Love the photos you took of our little shoppe. So sweet ;)
    Thanks both for visiting and writing about us!! You rock!


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