April 10, 2012

{10 on 10} april 2012 FAIL

It's the 10th of the month which means it's time for 1 picture every hour for ten consecutive hours! Here's a bit of my day today; for the complete listing of all the super fun blogs participating in this project from around the world, click here.

My day today consists of- hold onto your seats- working at the office and an evening working with a graduate level grant writing course. Wild and krazy- that's me. :)
So, my fingernail polish chipped I picked off my fingernail polish and it is now miraculously shaped in the state of KENTUCKY!!! This is SO much better than finding Jesus in a potato chip!

 "The ABCs of Cincinnati"by Dawna Boehmer- a housewarming gift I bought for us when we closed on our condo four years ago. :)
LIFE BLOOD, aka Starbucks VIA.

Humm... what should I get for lunch...?

What was I thinking? Scherpies is always the answer. :)
Alright... I'm going to end this mother at five pictures. Because, really- who wants to see more pictures of my coffee cup and laptop?

See ya tomorrow! :)


  1. LOL, great pictures! This is my first time linking up :-)Also your newest follower :-)
    Hope you have a wonderful evening!


  2. "10 on 10" first-timer here...

    Funny pics! Love the "what to get for lunch" one!

  3. I like your short set and that is better than finding Jesus in a potato chip! Pure awesomeness!

  4. Hahahaaa! Kentucky polish, you're hilarious.
    Good luck to you with your grant writing!


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