April 17, 2012

{cincinnati ROCKS}: burlington antique show

Cincinnati ROCKS are regular posts to share with y'all, the lovely blogosphere, some of the local bits of wonderful that make Cincinnati, not Cleveland, well... rock. Sit back, pop open a can of Mt. Dew and start thinking about moving here. :)
Heather and I loooove to go hunting for fun antiques! The Burlington Antique Show is just about 15 minutes south of downtown Cincinnati (yes, it's in Kentucky but in these parts Northern Kentucky = Cincinnati) and is held at the Boone County Fairgrounds the third Sunday of every month, May-October. Our favorite time of year to go to the show is early in the season- April and May- and then again when it's wrapping up in September and October (there are amazing deals in October!) but that's not to say that there aren't great finds at every show, but it is just so dang hot and humid in Cincinnati in the summer that we stick to climate controlled rooms as much as possible during those months. :)
Heather's mom was in town this weekend so the three of us packed up early on Sunday and headed to the show! I drove separately, as I'm just about the fastest girl (that's what she said) around when it comes to shopping and H and her mom are expert browsers. It worked out pretty dang perfectly. :)

Our favorite part of the show used to be the funnel cakes... oh Lord have mercy, the FUNNEL CAKES!!! We would each get one to have for breakfast every time we would go there but they don't offer them anymore! What respectable place doesn't offer funnel cakes for breakfast?! We overlook this flaw though because of all of the great finds there. And because of the gourmet brick oven pizzas they have there now; yum-AH! But you can't have brick oven pizza for breakfast. That's just silly.

While at the show this Sunday I saw so many great things... and some wonderfully interesting ones too...
It's whats for dinner.


There were also some beautiful vintage linens for the table which I really had to resist from buying. At least this time, anyway...

I did end up buying two of the cutest things though- a teeny weenie Pyrex bowl and an antique milk jug!
I am usually a big time haggler when it comes to prices but I just couldn't do it this time! Give me old men in slow, southern drawls and I get all pie eyed and weak in the knees. :) Still, $11 for both of these is most definitely not a bad deal.
This guy has a matching big brother already nestled in our cupboard. He also solidified my summer goal of being on the hunt for vintage Pyrex like my life depends on it. Because, really- can a girl have too much vintage Pyrex?

I love rich creamer in my coffee (Natural Bliss by Coffee-Mate is my baby daddy) but I HATE the ugly plastic jugs it comes in! Won't it be so fun to pour creamer into black coffee from this guy? :)

All in all, great trip to the Burlington Antique Show on Sunday! Have you been there before? If you head down for the next show on May 20 (Treasure Hunt or American Pickers- can't remember which- will be filming an episode there that day!), come say hi! I'll be the girl taking Instagram pictures while sobbing into my Mt. Dew that there are no funnel cakes for breakfast. :)
OH! I almost forgot! TOMS kindly sent to me two copies of Blake Mycoskie's new book "Start Something that Matters" to give away on the blog!

More details on this tomorrow buuuuut, sign ups for the give away start today! To enter a chance to win one of these two books:
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  1. A) pizza is acceptable for every meal.
    B)I <3 Pyrex. Esp vintage.
    C) If I'm to be honest, I love most all vintage shit.
    D) By shit, I mean things. Not petrified poop. That's gross.
    E) My husband would want that pork sign. He loves bacon, but more impoetantly it is a perfect Thar's What She Said.

    Carry on.

    1. Sheesh. My typing is atrocious when I am only typing with my left thumb. Now I will go "like" you on Facebook to legitimize this comment as an entry. I totally forgot this was a contest when I was typing my first comment. You just said to say something funny so I did. I also forgot that I was not just leaving you a comment, but also posting it for all the internet to read. Like a boss. Sigh. I'm special.

  2. Well it is 6:15am and I can't think of anything funny to say. I can't tell a joke for anything. I'm going to start following you! Would love the book.

  3. It's not Tuesday anymore, but I'll give it a go anyhow -
    I work with preschoolers. We were singing "Put your finger in the air" (more or less like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgT74eR5-ug). We got to "put your finger on your nose", and at least half my kids put their fingers right UP their noses!


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