April 18, 2012

it's give-away times thanks to TOMS!

I guest posted for Rachael over at imagine gnats yesterday and it was so much fun! I got to ramble about one of my favorite topics- SEWING- + I got to share this incredibly flattering picture of myself from this post of yore.

Anywho, go check it out and leave some comment love for a homegirl!

Have I mentioned before how much I loooooooooove TOMS shoes?! Oh man, they're amazing. We have a ridiculous amount of TOMS at our house, including ones in corduroy, stone-washed denim, cotton and burlap.
These are my most favorite TOMS though I bought them a size too small. Of course.
I got all three kids TOMS for Christmas this year. Brady got red ones- his favorite color-
Aren't they cute on his teeny tiny feet?!

and Laura got pink glitters and Molly got turquoise glitters.
They started out VERY glittery but, as you can see, those are some very active kids my sister has and they've been in the mud and dirt just a feeeeeeew times. :)

Side note: my reward for finishing graduate school is buying myself silver sparkle TOMS to wear during commencement. At this point, that's the only thing seeing me through. :)
The thing is though, TOMS isn't just a company that just makes and sells shoes for a profit. They make shoes and sell them, yes- but for each pair of TOMS that are bought, a second pair is given to a child in need! Their philosophy is One For One and, quite honestly, it's the main reason why I support this organization. Sure, the shoes are cute but you can buy shoes anywhere. But the fact that I can provide a much needed item for a child, simply by buying something I was already going to purchase, is just too good. Also, their mission, it strikes a very raw and personal place in my heart. During my first trip to Peru in 2002, a young boy at a homeless shelter in Lima where we were volunteering had a huge sore on his foot and was walking around without any shoes on. My sister asked him where his shoes were and we, ashamedly, said that he didn't have any. People, you really don't fully realize all that you have until you see a child, a child who has had no choice over his life circumstances, hurt and ashamed for not having what he "should". My sister gave him a clean pair of socks to wear and his eyes lit up... lit up like it was Christmas. So, I buy TOMS for that little boy and all like him who haven't had a choice for the lot they've been delt in life. And when I gift TOMS to others, I make sure they know they great mission they're helping to support.

TOMS just doesn't just sell shoes now but they sell clothes and eyeglasses- all with the One for One mission! Founder of TOMS , Blake Mycoskie,  even wrote a book titled "Start Something that Matters" which is fan-freaking-tastic. And- guess what- TOMS sent me two copies of his book to give away on the blog! Sweet, eh?! :)

To enter a chance to win one of these two books:
  1. "Like" me and elna on Facebook and come back and tell me you did in a comment.
2. Leave a comment telling me something funny. ANYTHING funny. Come on, people- it's Hump Day and we've gotta get through the work week some how! :)
This give-away concludes at 11:59 in the evening EST (get your two entries in before then!) and two random winners will be selected and shared on the blog on Friday, April 20.

Thanks to TOMS for providing these give-aways for two of my lucky winners (note: I did not receive any perks or gifts from TOMS for hosting this give-away)! You guys are the bees knees! :)


  1. I completely didn't rememeber it; it brought tears to my eyes and has left that feeling in my stomach that I had the whole time we were there.

  2. I like you on Facebook and I think I would like you in real life... you rock socks!!!

  3. 1. I already like your blog page on facebook so I get an entry for that, plus one for liking your page before now, so I'm totally not JUST liking your page because you're doing a give-away, I liked you before that so I should actually get one MORE entry for that (which is three total if you're counting) because I am awesome and so are you and so is TOMS, for reals.

  4. 2. Also, something funny. So, two antennas met on a roof, and they fell in love, and they got married. The wedding was pretty nice, but the reception was FANTASTIC.

    Okay, so that wasn't very funny. How about getting smacked in the face with a sock full of diamonds? Is that funny? My face didn't think so.

  5. 3. Also, and I bet you didn't even know there was a third way to get entries in your fancy little contest, and this will actually grant me like SEVEN more entries, but... Have I told you lately how absolutely gorgeous you are? BEAUTIFUL. Hottie McHotterson, for sure. *nod*

  6. Liked you on fb - duh!

    And... for the funny...

    What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?

    I don't know and I don't care.



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