April 19, 2012

cincinnati modern quilt guild at the international quilt festival

When Heather's mom was in town last weekend, we took her to the International Quilt Festival on Saturday. Have you heard of the show before? I hadn't but, holy cow, was I ever glad we went! According to their website, the show will be in three more US cities this year:
If you're going to be near one of those three cities during the show, I would highly recommend that you stop by.

Anywho- on to the show in Cincinnati! :)
There are two parts to the festival- one half of the convention center floor was set up with quilts (beautiful, amazing, pieces of ART) on display and the other half was full of various vendors.
Me with the show floor in the background.
We went to the exhibition side first and we were greeted with the best thing ever- quilts on display by members of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild!!! This group of quilters meets monthly to do a lot of kick ass things, I'm sure... but, I don't know for certain because I still haven't gotten my asphalt to one of their meetings! Womp, womp... I know several of the members though through Sewn and the blog world and can't wait to meet y'all in person when I get to a meeting this summer. :)
As stated in the intro to their quilts:
Members of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild took on a challenge to themselves for this debut exhibit. Fourteen members created their own modern takes on the traditional Ohio Star block. This exhibit makes its debut at International Quilt Festival/Cincinnati.
How exciting is that?! Here are a few of their beautiful quilts:
Supernova by Heather Jones, quilted by Angela Walters
Here's what Heather (of the blog olive and ollie) had to say about her quilt:
I wanted to design and create a quilt that focused solely on the Ohio Star block. I chose to work in solid colored cottons, rather than prints, so that there would be no visual distraction to the design of the large-scale block. I think the combination of the large-scale, the bright colors, the simplification of the design and the intricate, detailed quilting make this quilt a thoroughly modern take on a traditional pattern. Angela is a master quilter and I gave her free reign to create the design for the quilting.
Holy COW, look at that quilting!!! I don't know who this Angela Walters is but I feel like when I meet her, I'm going to have to bown down or something. Seriously- have you ever seen quilting like that? Excuse my poor picture quality; this was BREATH TAKING in person.

Wingin' It by Christy Meyer
Isn't this quilt GORGEOUS? Wowza... couldn't take  my eyes off of it.

Big Top by Danielle Sickmiller
Danielle had the following to say about her quilt:
Big Top is a large-scale color-blocked modern take on the Ohio Star. Bright solid colors, straight-line quilting and a matching binding come together to create a fresh look for this beloved block.
I really loved all 14 of the quilts on exhibit by members of the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild but didn't take pictures of every one so as to not look like a total nerd. So, while you just see three of the quilts here- let me tell you- they were all pretty fan-freaking-tastic. :)
I've still got oodles of other pictures to go through from the show though that I can't wait to share with you! Check back later for more... you will seriously not believe your EYES the artistry that is involved with these beauties! 
PS: It's the last day to sign-up for the TOMS give-away; get your two entries in before 11:59 EST tonight. Two winners will be announced tomorrow afternoon! :)


  1. Danielle here. That ilast one is actually Amy's quilt. That is the descrption of mine though. Look forward to you making a meeting :)

  2. Love a look at these modern quilts - so beautiful. I think the IQF in Kansas City is Market only, for professionals & shops, not a show but you can double check that at their website www.quilts.com


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