January 31, 2011

IKEA is my baby daddy.

Is it just me, or does being inside all winter make you want to CHANGE EVERYTHING IN YOUR HOUSE?  We went to the lovely IKEA a couple of weeks ago with plans to get some throw pillows for the couch & came back with oodles of good stuff... & no throw pillows for the couch.  Oh well.  :)  I heart IKEA, BIG time.  Heart it like none other.  You can go there & completely change the look of a room for less than pennies (exagerate much?).  You don't believe it?  Well, look at what we snagged!

We got this fun rug for the den (no, still not ready to show the reveal) for less than $20!
Less than $20!  How is that possible?!  This rug is the perfect size for our den + it's neutral but still fun.  A win!

For the kitchen, we snagged three of these canisters in two different sizes-

Like most people, we used to have the typical dark, large, ceramic canisters on the kitchen counters but then their bulkiness & dumb lids made us mad so we threw them out.  These canisters from IKEA are the perfect solution!  They are clear so you can actually see what is inside of them which I just think is great.  You're supposed to see food in the kitchen, not the stuff that holds them.  We got a large canister for sugar & then two medium size ones for coffee & tea bags.  LOVE!  We also really liked these tins & thought they'd be great to hold different types of tea in-
Have you ever gotten curtains at IKEA?  We picked up some new ones for the master bedroom, dining room & living room & can now say that every window in our house is covered in IKEA wonder.  :)  The curtains there are SO reasonably priced.  Chances are that when you first see them you'll have to hold back the desire to squeal, jump in the curtain bin & buy them all.  Once you get home though, you'll realize why they're so freakin' cheap- they're all about 20 feet long which = you'll be spending lots of quality time hemming them at the good ol' sewing machine.  Lucky for us, I don't mind this at all (you know I love me some sewing time) but after three hours of hemming eight panels of curtains even I almost took the holy name of IKEA in vain.  Still though, I totally endorse the purchase of curtains there.  One great plus to hemming all of those mothers is that I now have a nice collection of really large scraps of the curtain fabric which I'll use to make coordinating pillows (or a table runner in the dining room) for the rooms.  Another win!  :)

After hanging the curtains in the living room, we did some chair re-arranging & came to the conclusion that none of our comfy chairs quite fit the bill anymore.  See, we got these curtains-

& none of our chairs seem to work in front of them.  We tried an off-white chair but it looked like the gates of heaven paired with the off-white curtains.  Then we tried a light brown, armless chair & it kinda looks like poo.  We're thinking maybe a darker brown leather chair would work... decisions, decisions.  :)

Anywho, that's what's going on in the room make-over department at Chez Michael & Jackson!  Put your thinking caps on & help us decide on what kind of chair to put in front of those pretty curtains, will ya?  :)


  1. I can't really help with the curtain issues, but I still want you to come decorate my house. :)

  2. I thought I felt your presence in my 'hood.


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