February 4, 2011

kitchen lust

While shopping at IKEA for the pillows we never got, we got all pie eyed & drooley (it's a word!) when we got to the kitchen inspiration section.  There are so many options!!!  We painted our kitchen walls avocado green a couple of years ago & have since grown tired of that color so we're looking for something new & improved.  We saw one kitchen at IKEA that was very similar to the one pictured below that totally had us weak in the knees:

Don't you love it (& her stockings!)?!?!?!  Our kitchen cabinets are currently in their natural wood color but we're planning on having them painted white.  And thanks to my favorite magazine, Country Living, I have fallen in LOVE with carrara marble countertops but turns out those mothers are pretty darn expensive.  The countertop pictured in the kitchen above is $69/square foot which is still nothing to jump for joy for, especially when you've got as much space to cover as we do, so we will probably do a bunch of researching before we take that leap of faith.  One thing we're definitely sold on though is white subway tile for the backsplash- doesn't it look great in the inspiration kitchen above?

So, we're definitely having the cabinets painted white & we'll have subway tile for the backsplash.  Lots to do still for deciding on a countertop.  Then there's deciding on a wall color.  Our kitchen is open to the adjoining dining & living rooms which are painted a pale yellow shade & we just haven't come to a conclusion on what color would compliment that for the kitchen.  Do we stick with the same yellow or maybe a shade or two lighter (or darker)?  Or maybe go with the light green that's pictured in the inspiration kitchen above?  In that Country Living article I mentioned, the paint color they used with the beautiful white carrara countertops was Valspar's Silver Leaf (I think)- but doesn't it look really purple in this swatch?

To quote Dakota Fanning, "Decisions, decisions."  Well, while you're thinking about that, try this one for size- who in the WORLD names paint colors?  Case in point-
This is glowing green?

Grasshopper?  Really?

Well, anywho, that's what we're thinking about around these parts- countertops & subway tiles.  Have you ever re-done a kitchen?  If so, how'd it go?  We're newbies so we'll take all the advice we can get!  :)


  1. Ok, so I love decorating. Actually, I LURRRRVVE decorating. I often have angst of pain for not going into interior decorating. I have many “home improvement/decorating” blogs bookmarked. I get weak in the knees at the sound of Martha Stewart, can spend hours in Hobby Lobby, etc. etc. etc.

    So, if your adjoining room is yellow, I highly recommend a deep grey for your kitchen walls. Especially with white countertops, cabinets and backsplash that will pop and look totally modern. It will look super clean – white, grey and yellow. Heart it already.

    I'll email you some inspiration photos (and PS: I have always said I would paint my kid’s nursery in a grey/yellow/orange combo).

  2. Oh IKEA. The only thing better than home's IKEA is Berlin's IKEA where there are, if you can believe it, even MORE amazing home accessories that I simply must have.

    I want to second the vote for grey to complement your yellow. White/grey/yellow is so modern and sophisticated. Keeping a neutral kitchen allows you to add pops of colour (perhaps yellow, to tie the rooms together?) through cute accessories and appliances. Also, matching one room to another without using a neutral could be problematic if, in two years, you decide to repaint the living room.

    Love the subway tile and, except when purchasing countertop by the square foot, having all that cooking space much be wonderful ;)

  3. I never would have thought of grey, but it sounds amazing now. I think it's funny that the color of the walls in the picture look like avacado! No wonder you like it.


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