January 11, 2011

first {10 on 10} of 2011!

Yesterday was what I thought would be a typical Monday in January- work, lunch with some of my favorite peeps & then home.  Turns out, my new normal for Mondays includes a Grant Writing class from 6:00-9:00.  So glad I checked my schedule yesterday at 3:45 in the afternoon or I would have been in class all by myself tonight, the night that I thought this class was scheduled to be on.  Whoops... :)  Anywho, welcome to my yesteday!



On another note, Grant Writing class = AWESOME.  I can't wait to find buckets of money for that magnificent camp I'm involved with. :)

If you're living here where there's white death going on today- BE CAREFUL!!!  I made it halfway to work this morning & had to turn around.  Be safe, folks.  Maybe I'll take some fun winter pictures today to share on here with my new friend from Punjab!  :)


  1. So sad you're not in the novel class with Marsha and me. :(

    The professor brings in tea and snacks every week! And we play card games and watch movies and read books! Yeah, I'm in love with this class. Oh, and we got out early because he's not used to teaching late at night. Awesomeness!

  2. You could also write a grant for me to use for traveling purposes. :)


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