March 17, 2014

radiant orchid inspired pillow

When Pantone declared Radiant Orchid the color of 2014, I didn't think much about it. I'm not a huge purple fan so it didn't really blow my skirt up.

But then I started seeing the way people were using it in crafty projects on Instagram and I really loved it! I decided to challenge myself to making some projects with this pretty shade of purple and I'm so glad I did.

I started small- with an 23" x 23" (finished size)  pillow for the living room. I dug through my most precious scraps and pulled all the pretty purples and some grey, mustard yellow and low volume prints that I thought would go nicely together.

My wife is making a quilt with batiks and while I'm not usually a huge fan, she had some great purples in her stash! I added some of those in too. Gosh, I love making projects with scraps! It's almost like my own personal I Spy project, remembering all of the other goodies these fabrics have gone into. :)

After I picked out the fabrics, I cut out 156 2.5" squares and got to work laying them out!

Once I came up with a design I liked, I sewed them together using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Don't you love the way unlined/unfinished projects look with light streaming through them? It's like stained glass, I tell you!

To finish this pillow, I used straight line quilting on the front and then a simple envelope closure on the back. I used my go-to bag and pillow fabric- a fake linen curtain from IKEA. They're great!

Here is my finished pillow!

I love the way this pillow turned out! I'm so glad I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and embrace Radiant Orchid! I like the way this turned out so much that I even made a quilt using this purple as the inspiration... but that'll be shared another time as the day job is calling. :)

Have you been inspired by Radiant Orchid this spring? I'd love to see what you've made! Have a great day, friends! :)
xo, Kara
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  1. Your pillow came out really nice! I love the Etiquette book on the shelf. My sister gave the same one to my daughter when she graduated from high school.

  2. It's gorgeous! And way to go on having the patience to sew together all of those tiny squares!! xox

  3. This is so fun! I love the random layout and the fun BW prints you used as contrast - just wonderful!

  4. This is gorgeous - and yes, I do love the way quilt tops look with light streaming through them. I'd really like to try and capture that in a finished quilt one day. Your pillow is really lovely and I like the way you used radiant orchid as a pop of colour. Thanks for playing along with the Challenge!

  5. I love the way the little animal blocks peak out of the quilt! Just look at that bear nose!

  6. love it! great colors and great prints - many faves of mine! i love the tiny scraps, too, so fun to look at in tiny pieces!

  7. This is so beautiful! Those mustards and low volumes make it perfect for spring (it's spring now, right??) and I love all those fun prints you used!

  8. Postage stamp projects are so awesome, I love yours!! The scrappiness is just smile inducing :) Great job!!


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