March 14, 2014

crafty friends are the best friends

Last weekend some friends and I went away for SEWING TIME!!!

Ok, so maybe there was some wine drinking and carbohydrate eating too. :)

Anywho, seven friends and I (including my bestest friend outside of my wife, my sister!!!) spent Friday evening- Sunday afternoon at Grailville in Loveland, Ohio. It was so great! We spent two nights in the beautiful Victorian mansion- House of Joy- on the property...

and then crafted the days away at a really beautiful building called the Caravansary!

one of the pretty [huge] windows in the Caravansary
We got tons accomplished too!
Above are projects completed by Carrie, Christy, Jill, Michelle and my sister.

I brought along 1,000,000 5" squares to make a plus quilt. On Friday night, I laid the quilt top out [about 1,000 times].

And on Saturday, I pieced it all together!

I used a lot of different fabrics in this quilt top, including lines from Carolyn Friedlander, Lizzy House, Lotta Jansdotter and Denyse Schmidt- some of my favorite designers. Up until about a year ago, I never felt comfortable pairing fabrics together from different lines; I always doubted myself and never thought that the prints I put together worked together. Pish posh, I'm over that now! I LOVE mixing lines and designers and pallettes! It's definitely my favorite part of the sewing process.

So, yeah- sewing last weekend was GREAT!!! My favorite part of the whole weekend though was spending time with some great people.

What do you need other than sewing, friends and wine I ask you? Answer: NOTHING

So- last weekend = GREAT! But what was such a nice surprise was when I woke up on Monday, I felt SO refreshed and ready for the week! I felt encouraged and renewed... funny how a girls weekend away can do that. :)

xo, Kara
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