September 30, 2013

{book review vlog}: "the astronaut wives club" by lily koppel

Happy Monday, friends!!! Can you believe it's the last day of September already? CRAZY, I tell you!

I recently finished "The Astronaut Wives Club" by Lily Koppel; have you heard of it?
Holy cow, I LOVED this book! It was so well written; not only did I learn a lot about what life was like as the wife of a US astronaut in the 1950s-70s but I wasn't bored while reading. I've read so many non-fiction books that were informative but really made me want to shoot myself in the foot to add some excitement to the experience. This book was great all the way around- fun narratives, great details and authenticity. But enough of that- here's the vlog!

How do I still not know how to use my own phone? Oy. Anywho, do you think you'll read "The Astronaut Wives Club"? Or, at the very least, come over and watch "Space Camp" with me?

You know you want to... :)

xo, Kara

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  1. Got The Astronaut's Wives at the library and enjoyed it. My daughter read it too. Thanks for the great recommendation.


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