May 31, 2013

{shop hop} in the making- birmingham, alabama

Every spring I go to a conference for work in San Antonio, Texas. San Antoniooooooooooooo! Home of The River Walk , the Spurs and The Alamo's basement.

I love that city! So pretty and full of history. :)

I was looking forward to going back this spring when I found out that the conference was going to be in BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA instead. Oh my word. See, I have had a life long goal of never stepping foot in the state of Alabama. And now I have to give up my beautiful San Antonio for it?! Oh, the humanity.
But- guess what- Alabama wasn't half bad! In fact, it was really quite pretty. Who knew? One of the highlights of the trip was making a stop (or two...) at in the making in Cahaba Heights!

I had put out a call on Instagram asking folks of an LQS that I just HAD to stop at while in town and so many people mentioned in the making! When I got there, I realized why- that place is so cute! They have an extensive collection of yarn and knitting accessories and so many cute fabrics that I could hardly contain myself. :)
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05.06.2013 110

They had almost every bolt of fabric cut up into lots of fat quarters already which is my WEAKNESS! Oh my gosh, I bought so many fat quarters... fat quarters of text prints, fat quarters of Comma, fat quarters of Kate Spain, fat quarters of Glamping...
05.06.2013 112

I should really just stop there for fear of further incrimination. :)

What was just as good as the yarn and fabric goodies though was the staff that worked there! I spoke with Amie at length while I was there and she was just too sweet! We talked and talked and I kinda wish we could have gone and gotten an ice cream cone together. :) She was the best! And, what do you know, the more we talked... the more fat quarters I picked up.
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Robin, left and Amie, right

So, what turned out as a trip that I NEVER wanted to make (to Alabama, lest your forget), turned out really great! Where we went was such a cute little area with beautiful, tall trees and some of the nicest people around. And IN THE MAKING!!! If you're ever in the Birmingham area, you've got to go there and check out all of their great crafty items. And say hi to Amie for me! :)

xo, Kara

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  1. Sounds like a gem of a shop! I wasn't that excited about glamping until I saw it in person and the colors are so beautiful. Then I had to have some :)


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