May 13, 2013

a year ago today...

We were in London vacationing with my brother, Hector!

Then we headed to Barcelona to spend a week in his new city.

I don't know about you, but travel to me is less of a luxury than it is a NECESSITY. I first studied abroad when I was 12 years old when I spent a month in Spain as an exchange student; it changed the trajectory of my life, I am convinced! Travel has taught me more than any class or course ever has. Through travel, I've had the opportunity to know people and their stories which, as a result, forever changed my own; I have learned how very tiny I am, and my "problems" are, in retrospect to the rest of the world; more than anything though, travel has given me perspective and GRATITUDE. Gratitude for the experiences I have, for the people who open their arms and hearts to me, for the way all of it forever changes me.

And that, my friends, is a post that has nothing to do with crafty madness. :)

xo, Kara


  1. Love!! And I totally agree, it is so amazing to travel and to experience so many things that you never would by staying home. xoxo

  2. Ahhh, travel! I like that you consider it a necessity. Learning about other cultures is something that I feel most people don't think is very important. But it is...because we also learn things about ourselves along the way. Also, for me, it REALLY helps me to recharge my creative battery!


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