March 21, 2013

teeny weenie, itsy bitsy

I've been making so many teeny projects lately! One I can't share yet, as it's not quite finished and hasn't been given, is for the teeniest recipient of all, my friend Annie's FOUR DAY OLD BABY GIRL!!! Eeeeeeeeeek!!! Oh my gosh, I just ovulated again. If you've taken a look at my Instagram feed lately though, you can catch a sneak peak. :)

In between working on the new baby girl gift, I've made a couple other quick projects to satisfy myself! The first was a pillow for the living room using some yummy Amy Butler Cameo fabric and my old stand by, a curtain from IKEA.
  I made a pillow!  Patchwork fabric from @amybutlerdesign , border and back, an old curtain from IKEA. ☺ #ohcraft

I had heard talk on Instagram of a quick way to make a quilt top using a jelly roll called a jelly roll race (click here for instructions on how to make your own from I took that concept but tweaked it a bit- I cut my jelly roll lovelies into 10" strips and attached them on the diagonal like you would binding. I really like the way it worked out! This pillow is 20" x 22" and I used 20 10" strips to make it, along with a border of 5" wide x lenghth of block for the front. On the back, I used a simple envelope closure- here is a good tutorial from Katy at i'm a ginger monkey.

I also decided to whip up a little organizational kit for all of  my hand sewing on the go needs! I LOVE Rashida Coleman Hale's book Zakka Style (check it out in the sidebar, yo! <-------) so I used her pattern as inspiration... truth be told, the only reason I didn't use it fully is because her book is downloaded on my Nook and my dear Nook was MIA (never fear- it's been found!). So, I took what I remembered from her pattern, cut up some beautiful Liberty and linen (from Crimson Tate and westwood acres) and I was on my way!
Travel sewing kit, take 1! I thiiiiiiiink I remember some of the instructions in your book, @iheartlinen ... ☺ #ohcraft
I love all of the swirls in the Liberty fabric but I wanted to offset them a bit so I chose to do some straight line quilting on the front. I love the way it turned out! I also embroidered around some of the swirls on the front with some blue pearle cotton, just because. A couple other tweaks I made from the original pattern are the size- mine is 20" x 18"- and I used twill tape (that looks like measuring tape- eeek!!!) instead of leather straps for securing all of the goodies.
If loving a travel sewing kit is wrong, @iheartlinen , I don't wanna be right.  #ohcraft
This little guy is so handy, I tell you!!! I've spent the past couple of nights doing some stitching on the couch and this perfectly holds everything I need- needles, pincushion, thread, snippers and more.

I think making teeny things is so encouraging, don't you? Everyone needs a bit of instant gratification once in a while and these definitely fit the bill! :) What about you- have you made any fun teenie weenies lately? They're the best, I tell you!

xo, Kara

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  1. OMG you are my twin. I made THE EXACT SAME project from Zakka Style for my Covert Robin and posted it off today, and I made some cushions for my sister's birthday. SNAP. xox

  2. Your quilt for Annie was absolutely beautiful!


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