January 24, 2013

i love my local quilt shops!

Happy Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!!!
This day is all about showing our favorite local shops some love which they SO DESERVE!!! It takes a lot of ufff! and courage and sacrifice to open a local business, especially in the tough economy we've been having in the States the past few years. Because of the dedication and work of these local shop owners, it's up to us to help support them!
Crimson Tate is seriously one of the happiest places on earth!
It's located at 845 Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis and has hours every day of the week. The owner, Heather, is so sweet you kinda just want to buy her things and give her hugs the whole time you're there. For real! Go there and see if you can NOT want to shower her in goodness.

Not only is Crimson Tate a buffet of happiness, the fabric selection kinda makes you want to slap your momma. But don't- that's disrespectful.
Have you ever seen such Melody Miller goodness in one place in your life?!

Sew to Speak Shoppe is located at 4610 North High Street in Columbus, Ohio and is owned and run by the super cute mother/daughter team Anita and April.

 They have such goodies in there! Fabric and patterns and twill tape (!!!) and ribbon and cheer... oh, it's kind of perfect. Plus, there's a Jeni's super close by. If you are in C-bus and want to have a good time, spend an afternoon at Sew to Speak and then go to Jeni's for dinner. And pick me up something pretty while you're there too. :)
And now- drumroll, please- my actual LQS, as in 10 minutes from my house, is Sewn Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio!!!
Sewn is owned by the super lovely Julie Bossert who I am fortunate to call friend. There are lots of fun ladies- and one lucky gent!- who work there too, including the super fun Jessica from A Little Gray and Rachael from imagine gnats.

Sewn has such great, modern fabrics to daydream about but there are also lots of other fun crafty things there too! There's a little reading nook with lots of books and magazines, patterns galore, an embroidery section that is drool worthy... it's the best!
There you have it, folks- my three favorite local quilt shops! If you're in the area, be sure to check them out. Also, Sew to Speak sells some of their yummies online and Sewn is starting to as well- be sure to check out their websites, yo! :) 
xo, Kara

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  1. Such great write ups!!! These should be local to me, too, if I ever went to a city!! Lol! Still tryin'!


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