January 3, 2013

3/365, home away from home

01.03.13 105

Since it's the first week back at work after almost two weeks off, it's no surprise that I'm staying late to catch up on some things! I'm very fortunate that I like my job and work with some really great people. The way I see it, you're usually at work more than you're at home so you really need to enjoy it and the people there and HAVE FUN! Life's too short not to, folks. :)

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I am big time affected by the things around me, especially aesthetics! If I am in an unattractive space, I feel lousy. If I'm in a place I find visually interesting or exciting, it encourages me to do my best! That being said, I do my darndest to make my little corner of Cube Land pretty. :) Whether it's with vintage patchwork pillows...

01.03.13 123
Prints and table lamps from IKEA...
01.03.13 128

01.03.13 117
And pictures of some of my favorite people...
01.03.13 115

01.03.13 100

Behind that picture above is a little notecard that came with a boquet of flowers that my mom and sister sent to me on my first day at work here almost six years ago. It says:
"Henry David Thoreau: 'I have learned that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.' Love, Mom and Sis"

 I think about this quote so very often and it has really guided me since I've been at my job. Every day may not be perfect and I may work surrounded by fabric half walls and incessant whistling, but this job will lead me to great things if I allow it to. This LIFE will lead ALL of us to great things, things we have only imagined and had dreams about, if we take every opportunity in front of us and live with confidence and passion and incessant love for each other.
Let's get it, folks. :)
xo, Kara


  1. Oh, please come decorate my desk! I want to work in your cube!

  2. My desk, too! ;) such cute stuff!!!

  3. What pretty desk accessories! I am looking at my desk now covered in crumpled tissues and old post it notes. Time for a makeover!


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