October 15, 2012

should i put a cherry on top?

Well, folks- I haven't made a single gift for my Secret Santa Swap buddy yet but I did start making myself a Christmas quilt... because that makes sense, right? ;) I am in love with Aneela Hoey's Cherry Christmas line and knew that I wanted that to be the star of the quilt!
I have loved this line since the first time I saw it! I like that the colors are a bit more subdued than the typical reds and greens that you see around the holidays + that she's incorporated grey and blue- two of my favorite colors. Aneela comes up the most darling little drawings to showcase in her fabrics and the ones in this line are so charming!

I saw that Sewn Studio had this line paired up with some of Kate Spain's Joy and Riley Blake Designs chevron print so I decided to add some of those to the quilt too. I have SUCH a hard time putting prints from different lines together so I'm glad those gals took the confusion out of it for me because I really like how these all work together!


I've just started putting this quilt together and I love it already!

I started by dividing a charm pack of the line into 9 blocks of 4 squares each.

 And, wouldn't you know, my lines matched up for the first time EVER!
It's a Christmas miracle, I tell you. :)

From there, I'm adding a 3" border of the chevron to five of the squares and a 3" border of the blue Joy to the remaining four blocks.
Jack likes to help. :)
From there, I'm torn on what to do next! I am considering two options:
  1. Add sashing of Kate Spain's white snowflake fabric and call the quilt top done.
  2. Add a 3" border to all squares (that already have either a chevron or blue dot border) of the white snowflake fabric then adding sashing of this fabric:
What do you think? I'm completely 50/50 on either. Adding the grey sashing will really showcase the Cherry Christmas line which I love, but do you think it will make the quilt too busy? Perhaps I should just stick to the white snowflake sashing and call it a day?

Help a sister out! :)

xo, Kara


  1. No tips other than to have a couple of tries of laying out the fabric and your squares... unless you mean you still have to buy them?? Hmmm...

  2. Yum! I love that line, best Christmas fabric I've ever seen. If it was me, I'd probably leave the chevron bordered 4 patches and border that whole thing with the grey from Cherry Christmas so I'd have a lot of that adorable print to look at! I think whatever you end up doing will be such a beautiful quilt!

    And I totally do that too. I made a huge list of things I need to finish and then thought, I have no halloween decorations! Lets make a quilt! And a pillow! Crazy.

  3. I'm no help, I want you to paper piece snowflakes. I've been thinking about them since last week, and I think a few sprinkled around a big border would look SO cute. I REALLY love the chevron around the four-patch blocks though, I wouldn't add in more there.

  4. CHRISTMAS! I was decorating for Fall this past weekend but I spent the whole time thinking about how I will decorate for Christmas. I'm going to Sewn for the first time EVER tomorrow (gasp! Iknowright!) in search of fabric for a quilted duvet cover. Every time I think of Sewn I think of you!

    Anyway, I don't have an answer to your question but that chevron rocks.

  5. hi Kara, just to let you know, I posted my Secret Santa Swap this morning ... gah!! So excited to think about it arriving all the way over in Kentucky!!

    I am loving your Cherry Christmas - I just bought three half yards of the grey/aqua/red colourways in that print with the Christmas cards and the snowglobes on it.

    For your quilt - I'd go crazy - I love colour and busyness, so I vote for option 2. Either option would look great, but those cute little jumpers on the line would be so fun to see in the sashing.

    OK, I'm off. 35 degrees here for the third day in a ROW - I think that's like 95 if we're talking F? Toooo hot. Cat x


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