October 31, 2012

let's do it like they do on the discovery channel

I have been discovering so much lately, you should probably call me Thomas Edison. Wait- did he discover things or did he invent them? I fo' sho' should have spent more time paying attention in science class... you can still call me Thomas Edison though- because I'm so BRIGHT! Womp, womp... :)

Ok- my first discovery this week will probably explain my loopiness today- ROBITUSSIN. Dude, I'm high as a kite right now. And it's so strong in taste that I may have grown chest hair while downing it. No lie.

Discovery #2- did you know there's this magnificent thing called the Quilt Barn Trails?
source- from American Quilt Barns
I was driving home from Louisville last week and was uploading pictures onto Instagram of the beautiful quilts painted on some of the barns I saw when my lovely bloggy friend Elisabeth filled me in that it's an actual thing. Like a movement! So, of course I signed up on American Quilts Barns' website to be a member of their Social Club. I'm not sure what this means but I like membership cards. :)

Anywho, if you go to their main page HERE and scroll down, there is a series of hyperlinks on the left showing pictures of the different quilt barns in various states! There are some states that don't have any pictures yet but the tab for Quilt Barn Trails in Kentucky is pretty darn sweet. :) Lots of great inspiration for sewing though I do wish the Kentucky tab had addresses for the barns as I think it'd be a ridiculous amount of fun to take some road trips to see these mothers.

Here are just a few of the of the quilts I spotted on my journey through The Commonwealth last week. To find them, get lost going through the backroads from Lousiville to Frankfort and you can't miss them. ;)
I also discovered this new fancy website called eBay this week! -this is discovery #3, for those keeping track- Who knew that eBay was so dang perfect for finding all of the beautiful things?! Especially, wait for it, PYREX. You may see that this paragraph has no hyperlinks... that is because I have become a paranoid weirdo when it comes to eBay because PEOPLE KEEP STEALING MY SHIT!!! The bitches... Apparently, it is common practice to swoop into someone's personal space and outbid them by $.50 on beautiful Pyrex... Pyrex that has already made a spot in someone else's heart. Le sigh. So, no hyperlinks for you! But, eBay? Love it like a hillbilly loves Mt. Dew.

My fourth discovery of the week is a little place called Houzz. Oh, how I heart Houzz. I guess I should clarify- I've always known of Houzz and browse through the lovely pictures often but I just recently discovered that you can join (I told you I like memberships) and save home inspiration ideas to your different lookbooks (here's mine)! Kinda like Pinterest, but just for your house. You can also post home design questions and people will answer you! LOVE.

Heather and I are in the market to have the living/dining rooms painted and get some new curtains (not to mention hardwood floors, in case anybody would like to donate to the cause) and I have been getting some great inspiration from this site! Our couch and loveseat are grey corduroy and we lean towards a more eclectic Scandinavian/cottage feel... here are a few of the inspiration pictures I found on Houzz:
Love that dark table with the light grey walls!

More grey walls + a fun rug that I saw at IKEA last week; you can't get any more Scandinavian than that.

I really like this inspiration picture because of the artwork on the walls (we currently have light yellow walls and they are going DOWN)- I like how big the mattes are so that even if you have a busy picture/piece of art, the white matte can help tie it into the rest of the room.

There you have it, folks- my fantastic four discoveries of the week! So... how've you been? :)

xo, Kara


  1. I am so jealous you live near the quilt trail. that is all i will say on this matter. I'm going to go sulk and re-read my magazine clipping about it. (Actually, I don't know where it is, but I put it someplace safe).

  2. You just discovered Ebay... That is so cute!! :)


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