October 22, 2012

because you're mine, i walk the line

Do you know Alyce? I know her through the wonderful world of Instagram (loooooooooove Instagram!), Pinterest and from her blog, Blossom Heart Quilts. (She's participating in my Secret Santa Swap too!) She always shares lots of great information on her blog (check out her HST tutorials here) and her latest post is no exception!
Alyce is hosting the Squeeze Your Own Bundle Competition and the winner of the competition wins a bundle of fabric from Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics! Here are the rules:
  1. Go to Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics Etsy page and make a bundle out of eight fabrics that you think look super fly together
  2. Make a collage of the eight fabrics (I use Picasa- it's really user friendly)
  3. Post your collage to Alyce's post here
  4. Badda bing, badda boom, you're done!
Here's what Alyce says about how you win:
And the important bit - who wins and how!! Rita from Red Pepper Quilts, Faith from Fresh Lemons Quilts and Randi will each choose their favourite bundle based on the bundle itself and the name. From these 3 finalists, I will choose my ultimate favourite and this person will win a fat quarter bundle of their fabric selection! The 2 runner ups will win a fat eighth bundle of their fabric selection!
Doesn't that sound like fun?! Of course I made a bundle to submit for the competition and here it is!

I LOVE (!!!) the Madrona Road line and decided to use the Broken Herringbone in pink as my main inspiration. From there, I really wanted to play on the shapes of that print but also wanted to throw in some circular designs so that things didn't look so "hard". Some Beaded Chain by Lotta Jansdotter was an obvious selection, to me, not just because that's such a unique line but I love the imperfection of the shapes in that print- I think it goes great with the soft lines of the herringbone! And who can think of fun circular designs without immediately having Riley Blake's fun ombre dots come to mind? If that person does exist, they are no friend of mine. ;)

I also love Johnny Cash like a hillbilly loves Mountain Dew (I can say that because I live in Kentucky and drink that lovely nectar) and when I looked at the shapes and sizes put together in the above collage, "Walk the Line" instantly came to my mind (because of the straight lines in some of the prints, of course). Well, so did "Folsom Prison Blues" because  Lotta's wide stripe fabric in grey on the top reminded me a bit of looking out of a jail cell, but far be it for me to be controversial. ;)

So, there you go folks- "Walk the Line" by {me and elna}! I'm super excited about this contest and reaaaaaaally hope I'm selected as a top three finalist because I love those prints so much! You better go participate too, yo! :)

xo, Kara


  1. I love it Kara! I love how you've drawn out the colours from the herringbone! That's one of my most favourite prints at the moment... must find some spare $$ to get some ;) Good luck!

  2. what a cute blog you have Kara! I love the name and laughed when I saw who Elna is :)
    Great fabric pics and I love that song too!


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