August 14, 2012

blue bird singing in the dead of night...

Why, helloooooooooo! So nice seeing you here after that winner of a week last week. :)

I love our casita. Four years ago we bought a two bedroom, two bath condo and it's been tons of fun making it our own. Just before starting graduate school two years ago, we painted what was the guest bedroom- here's the hideous before:

YIKES, right? It totally became a catch all with a full size bed, a dresser, an overflowing bookshelf of sewing stuff + a bunch of other random things that seem to always end up in guest rooms. This was also the only room in the house that the previous owners painted and the color they chose was powder blue in matte. Double YIKES.

We painted the walls Humingbird Blue by Martha Stewart (click here for the painting post to see details), took furniture we weren't using from other rooms in the house (and that we had stored in the garage), bought a looooovely IKEA Expedit shelf and snazzied the place up!

I took this picture while on a break from reading journal articles- hence the laptop and can of Diet Dr. Pepper. Have I told you yet today how happy I am to be done with the coursework for graduate school? Ahh... :)

Anywho! We've since added a desk (like this) to the IKEA shelf which is my sewing station and the futon is on the wall on the left where the white shelf is in the picture above. And that bit of wall poking out on the left of the picture? That's the closet. The room is working just fine the way it is but it feels a bit tight... and just a little disjointed. So, Heather and I have decided to make a sewing nook out of the closet to make better use of the space! Best idea EVER! Here's an example from Pinterest of what we plan on doing:

Instead of a crib, we'll put an IKEA shelf and desk for sewing- obviously- as we make quilts and not babies. Unfortunately though, our shelf is about 8 inches too wide for our closet. Womp, womp... turn that frown upside down though, people! Turns out Kimbo and Randy have the same IKEA shelf but just a bit smaller that will work perfectly! And since they originally wanted the larger shelf that we currently have, but which was out of stock when they got theirs, we'll switch!
The squares are exactly the same size on both shelves but now she'll have a 5x5 shelf and we'll have a 4x4 shelf. Perfection. :) I think they smaller shelf will look so great, especially since I can use the top of it as a place to put fun baskets of fabric and maybe a lamp or two.

I want to paint the inside of the old closet/new sewing nook a color similar to the Humingbird Blue that's already on the walls but I want it to be much lighter so it doesn't look like a dungeon but instead fosters creativity. :) I'm leaning towards Aegean Blue or Heavenly Blue, also by my girl Martha. Here's how they look paired up with the current color:

What do you think? I'm leaning towards Aegean Blue but I'm just not quite sure...

I can't wait to get this den re-do rocking and rolling!!! Organization is a drug people and I'm a happy addict. :)
xo, Kara
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  1. I would pick a contrasting color - like a yellow, magenta or orange. GO bold!

  2. This is a test.

  3. Agean. :) Although a nice splash of orange never hurt anyone! ;)

  4. I LOVE your crafty space! Beautiful paint colors and I especially have my eye on that quilt ladder in the corner!


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