August 15, 2012

a room of her own

I got such good feedback on my paint color cry for help yesterday, especially in real life! Thanks, y'all... and for those complaining about the word verification that used to be part of leaving comments on here (AHEM), I've taken it off. You're welcome. ;)

It dawned on me during these conversations yesterday that the only picture I posted of the den with the current paint color is a picture from two years ago and things have changed a bit! Here's how the space looks now, from the hallway.
Don't judge me for lack of pictures on the walls- there were some but we took them off to hang Jodi's lovely gifts and then decided to put a hold on that until we move everything around.

Anywho, a bit of a change from the picture I shared yesterday. Here's a better shot of the beast that we're switching Kim for:
I spent a good half day last month organizing this mother and it's still packed to the guills! Everything on here is stuff we use though as I am NOT (!!!) a fan of keeping stuff around just for kicks. Not real sure how I'm going to go from this current shelf of 25 cubes to Kim's of 16... I was kicking some ideas around in my head last night and I think I may move all of my graduate school books to a bookshelf in the living room and find a fun way to display the cookbooks in the China cabinet that we're being given by my mom this month as she prepares to move into a smaller house. Am I the only person on Earth who doesn't like cookbooks in the kitchen? I know, it really makes no sense! I just love my counterspace too much to fill it up with books.

The color scheme I've been going with in this room is made of purples, blues and greens. A few months ago I sewed some pillows using Art Gallery and Tula Pink fabrics and recently added in a couple coordinating guys from IKEA.
I'm pretty averse to things being matchy-matchy but I think this combination works.

SO, that's why I was orginally thinking of a light blue for the new sewing nook.

Because less is more, right? Well, then I saw this guy on Pinterest-

Daggonit, that's cute! My nook will be completely different the one above but that purple may just be ringing my bell a bit.

But now I'm so confused! What would look best- do I go big or go home?


Or go for calming and subtle?

For the love of cheese fries, help a girl out!
xo, Kara
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