July 30, 2012

{shop hop} crimson tate- indianapolis, indiana

A couple of weeks ago I needed to take a trip to Indianapolis for work and remembered hearing about a fun little patchwork shop there by the name of Crimson Tate. I left a little early to stop by this majestic place... and it totally lived up to my expectations. :)
Crimson Tate is located at 845 Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indianapolis and has hours every day of the week. Have you been to this wonderland called Massachusetts Avenue before? Holy cow, it may be the best place in the state. But that's for another post.

Anywho, when I pulled up to Crimson Tate they had the cutest outside decorations. Super relaxed and FUN.
Fabric scraps and a table of succulents- seriously, what's not to love?

The inside was even better though! The shop is one large room with a cutting table, a long set of tables for classes (click here for their current listing) and fabric every place you turned. There is fabric on repurposed church pews, in suitcases, on shelves- it's so eclectic and fun!

The range of fabrics Crimson Tate carries is so diverse. Tons of Japanese and domestic prints; laminates, voiles, flannel... if I would have had a milkshake in my hand, I couldn't have been happier. :)
Washi Tape in Charcoal by Rashida Coleman Hale
Grand Hotel by Jenean Morrison

Cameo by Amy Butler

They also had Generation Q Magazine in stock! I had heard about this publication on Heather's blog but hadn't seen it in Cincinnati. I picked up a copy- the first of this new magazine- and I love it! Great interviews, beautiful quilts to look at and great sewing tips. I'll definitely be picking up their next copy.

Other than the fun fabric and reading material, I really enjoyed that there were lots of quilts to look at in the shop. There were some hanging and others folded in various places- all very accessible. It was great to have real things to look at while I browsed; I got some great ideas for future projects.

Though I am on a bit of a fabric buying hiatus, I couldn't stop in without buying anything... so I may have gotten some of Rashida's fun Washi fabric. :)

I'm so glad I stopped by Crimson Tate while I was in town! I will definitely be back the next time I'm in Indianapolis. :)



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