March 4, 2012

4/31 ::where I slept::

Today's photography challenge prompt is "where I slept". For this one, I took a few pictures to share!
First,this is how my bed looked about 30 seconds after I got out of it this morning.

But I knew I couldn't let the blog world think that I live like a slob, so here it is about five minutes later looking much neater.
1. Yes, I make my bed every day. 2. Don't even get me started about those wrinkles... that's a post for another day.

And, truth be told, this is how the bed looks when I'm mad at the cats because they get hair ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE.

So, that's where I sleep! I recently read Tula Pink's blog post about voile pillowcases. VOILE PILLOWCASES!!! And maybe I bought some beautiful Anna Maria Horner voile from Sewn yesterday to make some of my very own...
Aren't they GORGEOUS?!

I would have bought some lovely Tula voile but there was none to be had. :( Oh well, guess I'll have to go do some shopping at twist my arm. :D

Oh- be T dubs- if there are any covert robins out there who are wondering what makes this crafty girl's heart pitter patter, it's Anna Maria Horner, Kate Spain and Tula Pink. *pitter, patter, pitter, patter* :) 

Until tomorrow, kiddos!

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