February 28, 2012

planes, trains and a crafty swap!

Remember how the cutest boy on earth turned 5 (how did this happen?!) on Saturday? Well, a couple of months ago I pieced together a twin size quilt for him... and never finished it. Womp, womp. I don't have a picture of it but here's some of the fabric I used:

Cute, right?! I wanted a fun fabric that screamed little boy (my sister vetoed polka dots...) but that also could grow with him. I think this fits the bill! I also used red and blue solids on the front and brown corduroy on the top and bottom (brown and blue corduroy will be the backing). Man, I need to find the time to quilt this mother! I promised my sister that before Easter, I'll have it done. *fingers crossed*

Since I didn't have his quilt finished in time for the big day last week, I decided to make him a banner! Kimbo the Great helped me immensely with it... that's why she's called the Great. I got the fabric at my most favorite fabric shop of all time, Sewn Studio in Oakley. Here's the finished result!

Here are some close ups of some of the flags-

And, just because no project of mine is complete without a little humility thrown in for good measure, here's a couple flags that were cut incorrectly...

Oh well, it adds character. :)

I am now OFFICIALLY addicted to making banners! This one was super easy to make. I cut a triangle template out of plastic, traced it on the fabric and then cut out the pieces with pinking sheers. Then, I sewed the two long ends of fabric about 1/4 inch from the edge. After that, I arranged my flags where I wanted them, sandwiched them between the pre-made bias tape (go get some at Sewn- it makes the project so much easier) and sewed. Badda bing, badda boom, you've got yourself a banner! After I tood these pictures, I went back and sewed another line on the bias tape as the gift receiver is just the type of little boy who needs a little extra reinforcement... :)
Speaking of crafty madness, I just signed up for the covert robin today (check out the button on the right)! The covert robin is a pretty amazing crafty swap sponsored by Rachael of imagine gnats. Basically, when you sign up you get assigned a person who you make a $20-$30 craft item for and mail it to them by the end of March. In return, you get a handmade item sent to you as well! How fun is that?! I'm thinking a table runner... check back in for in progress pictures!

That's it from the peanut gallery, folks. Until tomorrow!

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