December 16, 2011

sending out an SOS to the world!

Did I tell you that my sewing machine broke? It did, about a month ago. Suddenly the needle wouldn't pick up the bottom thread and some things would spin but others wouldn't... just silly. After I spent too much time cursing at it and going through every link that came up after Googling "effing Singer Inspiration effing fixes effing help me", I broke down and decided to take it to the shop.
As was recommended to me by Jessica at Sewn (heeeeeeeey!), I went to Luke's in Blue Ash to see if they could help a girl out. Dude, Nadine at Luke's could NOT have been nicer! She was friendly, helpful and wore jingle bell earrings. I kinda wanted to have coffee and cookies wtih her but that would have been weird. Anywho, looooooooong story short it's going to cost $90 (+ any parts that may or may not be needed) to fix my little guy. Since it cost around $200 when I started sewing three years ago, it hardly seems worth it.

So, bloggie friends, I'm in a pickle! I am in need of purchasing a new sewing machine but haven't a clue where to start! I bought my last one at Sears because it had the name Martha Stewart on it and, despite her man hands, she's kinda the shizzle. Anywho, needless to say, I really don't know what I'm doing when looking for a new machine. Can y'all help me out? What machine do you use? What machines are so lovely you want to send them Christmas cards in December?

Here are a couple that Nadine recommended (note: Luke's offers 50% off sewing machines when you trade your old one in, even if it's broken. say WHAT.)

Elna 340 (replacing the discontinued Elna 2800); $400 at Luke's, after the trade in discount.

Elna 3230; $699 at Luke's, after the trade-in discount. Nadine said it would last me for life. At that price, it better make me waffles every morning too.

I've also heard murmurs about the Oh, Brother (ok, that's not really their name...) sewing machines. Anybody have experience with those? What about Janome? I'm feeling a bit drawn to buying from Luke's because they offer a free lesson in how to actually work the machine (instead of fudging your way through it like I did) but when the most economical is a whopping $400, I have to wonder if there are other options that are equal in quality and durability but not so hard on the pocketbook.
So... whatcha think? Help a girl out!!! I've got a week off at Christmas to sew (and nap and watch movies and eat carbohydrates) but I need a new machine to do it with! :)
PS- On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, take a look at the inspiring message on Tricia's blog today. Don't we all need that reminder?! I know I do, especially after yesterday... thanks for sharing, t.Dawg. :)


  1. Honey, the machine I use belonged to my mother. It's older than I am. But if I had to vote for one of the ones in your post, I'd definitely go for the one that makes waffles. What can I say... I have expensive tastes AND I love waffles. :) I used a Janome on multiple occasions at the yarn store I worked for, and it was easy enough for me to figure out. I hope you find a really really good one and can recommend it to me once I become independently wealthy and can stay home and use it!! Love you!

  2. Kara! Hey, sorry I just now got around to reading this. You are obviously in dire trouble. So here's a little post I did about my machine, which I got back in March.

    I still love it. And though I did have to take it into Luke's for that tune-up, it was just routine stuff and I do sew all the freaking time.

    I like the look of those Elnas, and though I've never used one I've heard really good things. I think I would choose the less expensive one. Not just because of the price, but because the throat of that other one is so narrow. Not good for quilting.

    That trade-in deal is pretty sweet. Can't wait to hear about what you decide!

  3. I followed you back from the comment you left on my blog about my stash trad block. You said you pinned the heck out of it...just the other day I decided to breakdown and join Pinterest. I tried and was told that there was a waiting list! What the heck!
    As for the sewing machine question...while I am here...I bought a Janome about a year and a half ago and have been very pleased with it.

  4. What a bummer about your sewing machine! And I haven't ever used Elnas but i have heard good things and the $400 one looks like a really good model to go with. I have used Brother's before and they are great but I found they just don't have the quality that a little more expensive machine has and they aren't built to last...I went through a few and finally splurged on my Bernina.

    Here's a great list of sewing reviews they had on Sew, Mama Sew:

    Hope that helps!

  5. I had a Brother through college and for awhile after and it was the Devil! I sew on a Janome and I couldn't love it more. It does everything I need it to do and it was a steal at $400. I have sewn with it for 3 or 4 years now and it has been fantastic. Here is the one I have:
    Good luck!

  6. I know NOTHING about sewing machines. BUT I appreciate the shout-out! YAY! My buying philosophy is always to spend a little more on a quality item for something you will use and are passionate about!!!


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