August 1, 2011

yay for GREY!

If you know anything about me, you know that my two biggest loves are sewing and decorating! Well, besides God, Heather and my family, of course. :) We've owned our home for three years now (can't believe how quickly the time has flown...) and as of three days ago, the only rooms that were their original builder's flat white in color were the master bedroom, master bath and laundry room. Check out our bedroom from the weekend we moved in back in 2008-
Have I ever mentioned that I HATE mini-blinds? UGH.

Well, we snagged a great deal on the cutest Martha Stewart quilt and shams ever and decided that it was high time to get those walls painted! We made a unanimous (you know, all two of us) decision to never paint a room again and hired a great painter that was recommended to us by a friend. Let me tell ya, if you're looking for a painter in the Cincinnati area this is your guy. Luuuurve him.


We've been wanting a grey bedroom for as long as I can remember and decided to go with Light French Grey from Behr.

Then Saturday came and we got out of the man's way and let him get to work! My goodness, it was a wonderful feeling. :)

I considered not showing pictures of the bedroom until it was "finished" (you know, with pictures and mirrors and what not) but as I did take the process pledge (see the button on the left!) I'll stay true to my word and show things as they happen and not just the final product.

Soooo, here's our master bedroom so far! With a little help from Picassa to see what it will look like in the future too. :)

view from the top of the bed

looking across the room- hold your horses, we're painting the doors white!

that mirror will be a total DIY project- can't wait!

Michael's really camera shy- can't you tell? :)

our existing curtains work great with the new color. ps- not sure why the edge looks frayed in the picture... it's not in real life.

I love the grey walls so much!!! Yes, we've still got a bit to do but what a HUGE difference!

In addition to having the walls painted, re-arranging the furniture and adding the new bedding we also moved one of our white, slip covered IKEA chairs from the den into the bedroom this weekend.

How ya like that pillow? It's an old feed sack!
how ya like those red toenails too? :)

Couldn't have been easier to make either- I bought it an an antique fair a few weeks back for $10 (I could have haggled but it was just too hot, people), washed it, cut it in half, stuffed it, sewed it up and voila! A fun pillow for the bedroom. Plus, I have enough to make another pillow if I ever have a hankering for another feed sack pillow in the house.

So, blog friends, there you have it- our in process master bedroom! Time to get sewing those pillows for the trunk... :)


  1. love the color w/the curtains! beautiful!

  2. Good job - I love the look - and especially the added Picasa visuals.

  3. I love your style! You have an eye for colors, and you mix contemporary and traditional fabrics/decorations well. Beautiful transformation!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the grey. The quilt rocks! WTG!


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