July 27, 2011

no, i didn't take any of these pictures- please don't sue me. :)

The title of this post could also be "Procrastinatiooooooooooon" but I anticipated (HA!) that people wouldn't sing it like Carly Simon would. And since my blog is read by so many (hi, mom!) I thought I should in fact put out the disclaimer that I lifted all of the following pictures from the world wide web so I don't get sued for millions.

Now that that's out of the way. :)

I've recently stumbled upon Kate Spain's blog and I'm in LOVE! I kinda wanna pour maple syrup all over her fabrics and roll around in them.
Too much?
I know...

Anywho, take a look at some of her gorgeous fabrics-

Central Park. Oh.My.Word. I want this. I neeeeeeeeeeed this.

These prints are so happy! And pretty!

Take a look at her Fandango fabric.


I think it's due time to forget about all of life's responsibilities, buy some of these lovelies and get to sewing! The rest of the work will just do itself... right? :)


  1. Oh my goodness Kara, these just made me die of happiness! What amazing textiles.

  2. Jeez, i couldn't agree with you more! Down with responsibility and on to the fun stuff! So glad you found my blog, and i found yours! A word of caution though, maple syrup makes fabric very hard to sew with (and jams up the bobbin pretty badly) :) Thank you so much for your sweet note the other day and happy sewing to you, Kara! xo, kate


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