June 5, 2011

it's my blog and i'll procrastinate if i want to.

So, I really love the non-challenge!  Buuuuuuuuut, I don't think I want to do it every day. It's summer- I want to run, I want to sing, I want to re-decorate! I will try to get all 30 days done by Labor Day though. A girl's gotta have goals. :)
I spent this weekend at my mom's while Heather painted the kitchen. Truth be told, this is the second time the kitchen's been painted since we bought our condo in May of 2008. Here's what it looked like when we first moved in-

GROSS. Our condo was built around 1992 and the only thing the previous owners had done was paint the den a weird blue color. So, we really had a blank slate to work with. Which has turned out to be very fulfilling, as all the inspiration for decorating has come from ourselves and not anything the house started with.

Fall of 2008 we painted the kitchen a green avocado color... not really too sure what we were thinking. Here's how it looked that Christmas at our open house.
Yep, gross brass hardware was still in tact at that point.

It's funny, I never knew I disliked the green so much until the new paint got on the walls. I knew I wanted a change but didn't realize how badly until we got something new.

Anywho, we were supposed to have Bid my Crib paint the kitchen but they turned out to be THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. More on that in a different post but, until then, DO NOT USE THEM. Since Heather had already taped off the kitchen for their originally scheduled painting day of last Thursday, she just decided to go ahead and do the painting this weekend while I helped my mom out at her house.
My inspiration for the paint color was from a Country Living story last year. The walls were a silver color, the wordwork was all white, the sink was white and the countertops were Carrera marble (check out this post for a look-alike). Luuuuuuuuurve.
Instead of silver, we ultimately chose Valspar's Grey Mist which we thought would go better with the dining and living rooms which are cornmeal in color.
Look at that skill used to cover up my disgustingly short thumb nail!

Here are some in-process pictures of the painting-

Wonder what OSHA would say about this? ;)

Wanna see more? Stay tuned for the finish product!


  1. That picture on the ladder makes me nervous! Gray Mist sounds lovely! I still need to go check out the Pinterest thing...I'm late to the party!

  2. I like your hair in the green kitchen picture!


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