November 11, 2010

{10 on 10}- 11.10.2010

I've been so focused on taking a picture a day that I completely forgot about the Ten on Ten project for November until I read the blog yesterday!  So, it seemed fitting that that's where my pictures will start for 11/10/2010- looking at the pictures on that blog.  :)  Yesterday was a typical Wednesday- work followed by school.  Work is always fun when it includes lunch with a friend though & class last night included a fun group presentation (yay us, Roni & Sherry!) & pizza brought in by a classmate- yum.  I hope you enjoy taking a look at my day!  :)

I know, I know- almost more excitement than one person can handle.  :)


  1. Kinda jealous that we could not have our lunch date but I love looking at your pictures.

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  3. Okay comment are my thoughts. Loved having lunch with you! I also think that you "coffee drawer" is out of control. lol. Love ya!


  4. Love your drink stash.

    Can I join your book club? Looks like you've got great reads on your list.

  5. Kim- the more, the merrier! :)


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