October 25, 2010

back to the future.

When you think about it, that's a weird name for a movie (the first because it's the only one that counts) because Marty actually goes back in time.  It should be called Back to the Past.  Or just Returning.  Then again, I guess he does return to the future at the end.  But the future is the PRESENT.
*insert a real life 10-minute conversation about the hijinks of Back the the Future including it's title, the fake girlfriend used in the second movie & why it wasn't filmed in 1984 (because that would have been AWESOME) with my little friend, Kim*
Anywho, I was looking through some of my pictures & realized I didn't have any blog postings on them!  May I present to you...

Book club from the past!

In August our Reading Group decided that since we hated the book Eat, Pray, Love so much that it only made sense to go see the movie.  So that's what we did.
We went to dinner where we had dessert from the best place in town- the BonBonerie.

It was pretty good.

"The movie?", you might ask.

7 thumbs down.
McKinzie had to leave in the middle of the movie to meet someone since it was about 12 hours long.
At one point, the movie was so bad that my sister & I got into a ridiculously LOUD giggling fit that we could not stop for the life of us!  This continued into an, apparently, really sad part of the movie but by that time we were snorting & tears were rolling down our faces so I think we may have convinced people that we were just choked up about an over-privelaged white woman taking a year off from life to travel around the world.

Anywho, when we were outside of the theater at the end we asked two nice ladies to take our picture (that gem of a shot just above).  Here's how our conversation with one of them went:
Lady: "You guys didn't like the movie?!"
Kim: "Eh!"
Jeanette: "AUGH!"
My sister: "GROSS!" 
Me: "We didn't really care for it."

Lady: "Why?!"
My sister: "We had a really hard time feeling sorry for a lady who is a big ol' brat."

Lady: "But Julia Roberts was in it!"
Kim: "Eh!"
Jeanette:  "AUGH!"
My sister: "GROSS!"
Me: "What was she thinking?!?!"

Lady: "Oh... well, my mom & I used to read books together & that was the last book we read before she passed away.  Her favorite actress was Julia Roberts & I really felt like I could feel my mom looking down on me & smiling during the movie.  She really would have loved that movie."
Kim: "Oh, it wasn't that bad."
Jeanette: "I hear there's a sequel coming out..."
Me: "Yeah, Julia Roberts ROCKED!"

And I'm pretty sure my sister just stood there looking sad & awkward.

Thus concludes our trip back to the past.  :)


  1. OMG, I can't stop laughing!

    PS you can change the count to 9 thumbs down : )

  2. 1. Back to the Future 2 is amazing and its blasphemy to say otherwise.

    2. Back to the Future makes perfect sense as a title. We've been over this.

    3. Eat Pray Love, on the other hand, makes NO sense as a title - as it should have been called "Waaaahhhhhh"

  3. I actually just felt sad and akward reading it...

  4. Okay, I am laughing so hard at this. I hated the book as well and couldn't get through 'Pray'. But a year later thought the movie sounded great. As the saying goes, fool me once Eat Pray Love, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me. The worst part was I made my husband watch it with me. We didn't make it through 'Pray'. He kept asking, "Did you read this??!!" I thought it was a good selection since we were moving to an island and all. Then he boarded the plane for a 12 hour flight the next week and they announced "Eat Pray Love" as the movie selection. I still haven't heard the last of that. So your rendition of the movie and the lady outside cracks me UP!

    Next, I am the biggest Indigo Girl's fan EVA! I have seen them three times now I think. They are amazing. My sissy and I are going to try to get them for her 40th birthday party. She lives in Dulith, GA. Our favorite restaurant is The Watershed. I think it's just Amy's restaurant..anyways...I love them. Love.


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