March 1, 2010

for the man in my life

Remember the quilt I started for a little boy's 3rd birthday?  Well, I finished it just in time for the big day!  Well- 4 days before the big day so that I could give it to him at the party we share annually, that is.  Here are a couple of in progress pictures.

See that safety pin?  It's not supposed to be there.  That's because I had heard of a new fusible batting that you iron onto the backing & top.  Well, this made me SUPER excited because I am completely anti-safety pin.  Didn't work so well though so I ended up safety pinning too.  If anybody has any helpful hints on how to make fusible batting work better, please let me know!  It sounds like a great idea & that it SHOULD make sense so maybe I just wasn't using the correct setting on my iron.
The last step of the quilt was to sew on the binding!  I was so excited about this & so ready to see this sweet little boy's quilt all ready for him.  Well, what do you know...

Yeah... I was about 6" short on binding.  Dud.  I finished it up w/ a binding that is the same as the border & backing but it looks really bad... I think I will go buy more of the binding fabric & finish it at some point.

He didn't seem to mind though!  Here we are cuddled up in his new cowboy quilt at our party.
I hope that this blanket not only keeps him warm but that when he uses it or thinks about it he remembers how much his Titi loves him.  While I made this quilt, I prayed that whenever he used it that he would feel love & comfort.  I really hope that works out.

Here are a couple other pictures of our annual birthday party together.
His sisters singing to us that we look like a monkey & smell like one too- HONK!

Make a wish! 

Happy birthday, Manly Boo!  Your Titi loves you to pieces.

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  1. That binding sure does look well put together :) You are lucky to share your birthdays with such a special guy, and the special guy is pretty lucky to have an auntie who cares so much about him and who is talented to boot!


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