December 7, 2009

feeling scrappy

NO, not that kind of Scrappy. :)

THIS kind of scrappy! I spent a few hours on Saturday cutting out the pieces for a Christmas gift & then sorting & pinning them together so I can sew them fairly quickly. I would looooooooove to tell you what I'm making, but the recepient of this gift might just be a fan of this ol' blog, so mum's the word. I will give you one hint though...
That's it! No more hints! Quit asking already! Sheesh...

I did make this bag for a little boy we call Manly that I can share w/ you though.It's the same bag that I made for his sisters except his polka dots are blue & not pink. I bought him some clothes, big boy unders & a book about a moose that I am going to put in it for Christmas. Somehow, his tote bag ended up a wee bit longer than his sisters' which I find perplexing since I cut them to all the same dimensions. Oh well- just more space for all of his water toys when he takes it along to Coney Island this summer!

Have a great week, every buggy! :)

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