May 5, 2009

the lawrenceburg antique fair

The Lawrenceburg Antique Fair started its season last Sunday! This is a neat local fair w/ a lot of interesting finds & the best homemade donuts around. Here are some interesting things that caught my eye while there!
A box w/ a cute owl on it.
A collection of vintage tins.
A mama fish w/ her three baby fish! I really considered buying this little family & hanging them somewhere in the house. :)
Lots of old golf clubs. I don't golf but the thought of all of the potential stories these golf clubs could tell fascinated me.
And, last but CERTAINLY not least- A blow up, plastic ottoman w/ fake flowers in it. You just never know what you'll find at an antique fair. :)


  1. You didn't buy the owl?!? Shameful. Also I'm assuming the inflatable ottoman is in your closet waiting to be wrapped up for my birthday present next month...

  2. Aww. I agree it is shameful that you did not buy the owl. Sad. I also agree that the ottoman will go perfectly with Kim's decor. Nicely done.


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