May 22, 2009

darn you,!

I love to read. It actually borders on adoration, the way I feel about a good book. I love the way reading another's thoughts makes you question your own reality & how you can grow, when you let yourself, from that. A while ago I even sold about 85% of my books to 1/2 Priced Books because I felt like I was keeping them on the shelf in a prideful way. I'm still struggling through that choice...le sigh.

The reading group I belong to meets once every other month to discuss a book we've read. Next month, we're getting together to discuss "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan which, for the most part, fictionalizes the love affair of Frank Lloyd Wright & Mamah Chaney in the early 20th century. WELL, I am on page 146 & I just couldn't handle it any more- I HAD to know what was real in the book & what wasn't! It was driving me batty! So, against my better judgement I googled (yes, it's a verb) their two names & found out something horrible!

********************SPOILER ALERT********************

5 years into their love affair, Mamah, her two children & five others were murdered at the home she & Frank shared! WHAT?! I was already having a very hard time getting through the book because of the audultry but now MURDER?! Ugh...too much to handle. I need chocolate. And a Mitford Series novel.
Moral of the post- when reading a book, just read it for crying out loud. Kick it old school for once. You'll thank me in the end.


  1. Have you ever read The Time Traveler's Wife? If you haven't, you must. I demand it.

  2. I have! I read it a couple of years back & LOVED it. :)

  3. I started Loving Frank and hated it - only ONE letter in the whole book was real - all the other crap is that "historical fiction". The author spent 2 years researching this and this is the best she came up with... blech...

  4. I knew that aspect of the book going into it so I'm ok w/ that. I am reading where Frank & Mamah are living in Italy & I'm getting a little mad at both of them... What letter was real in the book? Have you read "The Red Tent"? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it! It's historical fiction as well but is SUCH a good read!


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