August 21, 2013

pour some sugar on meeeeeeeeeeee

Have you heard of the Sweet Pouch Swap?
It's so much fun! It's a swap where you get paired with someone from either your own country or somewhere else in the world- your choice- and you make little pouches for each other and fill them with sweets from your country/hometown. Fun, huh?! The first Sweet Pouch Swap was hosted by the ever lovely Ros of Sew Delicious and this round was hosted by Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts. Alyce totally outdid herself because she assigned me the BEST SWAP PARTNER EVER- Cat from cat&vee!

I've known Cat from Instagram and the bloggy world (she was in a swap I hosted last year) for a while now so I was over the moon that we got assigned to each other. :) Cat has a love of color and all things patchwork so I knew immediately that I would make her something scrappy!
I got out some of my most hoarded scraps and started sorting through them, looking specifically for prints with lots of text, bright colors and Denyse Schmidt- some of Cat's favorites!
I cut up around 75 2" squares and lined them up in color order, to make sure I had a good variety. I decided to make Cat a drawstring bag using Jeni's pattern; I tweaked it just a bit to add a bottom and added some decorative stitches as well.
I used a fun crossword print for the bottom, some big texty print for the op and a great bright pink print for the lining. I added my most favorite twill tape ever for the drawstring part- measuring tape twill tape from Little Red Cottage on Etsy.

Here's her pouch, ready to be shipped!
I loaded this mother done with goodies! Butterfinger, Kit Kat, Pay Day and about 5 other candy bars along with a pretty fat quarter and two packets to make Cincinnati Chili- she's promised me a video of her first bite. :)

I had so much fun making this for Cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, holy cow, look what she made and sent to me!
Can you believe all those goodies?! She also sent me koala ears but I was so smitten by them that I had forgotten that I was wearing them as I was taking the above picture. :)

I know what I'll be for Halloween this year.

Anywho, can you believe the lovely pouch that she made me?!

She used fabrics from Melody Miller and Denyse Schmidt- two of  my favorite designers! The woman in the picture is Melody's grandma; isn't she beautiful? Cat put her as the cover of the patchwork book on the pouch- don't you love the little green corners of the book and all the hand stitched details?

This pouch is REALLY big too; I have big plans to stuff it full with cross-stitch for our upcoming vacation to The Outer Banks. :)

Here's the back of the pouch-
I mean, SERIOUSLY! The hand stitching is just beautiful!

As is this lovely details- measuring tape twill tape, just like I added on her pouch. :)

This swap was so much fun to participate in; I hope there's a third round! If you haven't joined a swap before, you should consider joining! They're tons of fun and a great way to meet new people. :)

xo, Kara


  1. Wow!!! Two very talented and lucky ladies :) (putting mine in the mail..soon) Miss me some of that Cincinnati chili...will have to be sure and make some this fall!!

  2. Amazing! You guys both did a brilliant job! So much detail in both your pouches! x

  3. Both pouches are so beautiful! Love them! I haven't joined a swap and I know it's exciting both giving and receiving!

  4. hellooooo, what an awesome post!! Thanks so much for saying such lovely things about the pouch I made for you, and I love all the progress shots of the gorgeous pouch you made for me!! What a fabulous swap, loved it so much partner!

    The very next thing I do, will be write a blog post about the swap ..... And the Chili packets are patiently sitting up amongst our water glasses ... waiting .... xxx

  5. Both pouches are so beautiful!!

  6. Great job, the both of you!! And how funny that you both added measuring twill tape (a match made in heaven?) May I ask what is Cincinnati chili, sounds... scary..


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