December 9, 2012

winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Holy canoli, that Sew, Mama, Sew! giveaway shizzle is super hard core! My post had over 230 comments and I now have 45 new friends on Facebook! It's an effing Christmas miracle, I tell ya. :)

Alright, the moment we've been waiting for... Random Number Generator has picked the winner of my bag of tricks and it is...

Hooray!!! Kathy, I'm so excited that you won and I can't wait to put some little treats in your new handmade bag!

Shipping deets- Kathy, I emailed you on Friday- please respond with your address so I can send you some wonderful prizes! If my email got caught in your Spam filter, drop me a line at meandelnaATgmailDOTcom. :)

Everyone else, thanks so much for participating in this giveaway! I really loved reading everyone's comments- especially the ones in languages other than English! I hope y'all come back to my little spot in Virtual Land to see what crazy crafty antics I have going on... and you never know when I may want to give away a little more crafty goodness. :)

xo, Kara


  1. Hey, that is not me. But I just started following her blog from this round of SMS!

  2. I am finally re-surfacing after the Christmas Craziness.
    I blogged about your lovely bag - that I won!- for tomorrow (1/2/13).
    Well- I blogged tonight but I am writing three posts tonight - yours will show on Wednesday.



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