December 31, 2012

party like it's 2013!

I know, not quite the same ring as 1999. ;)

Just wanted to pop in quickly for a last post of 2012 on Sergei, my iPhone, no less. I have had SUCH a blast this year growing in my crafty endeavors and confidence and a HUGE (!) contributor to that has been y'all! Your encouragement and friendships here and on Instagram have just been the best... y'all are alright. :D

So, with that, thanks so much for being here in 2012 and I hope to see even more of you in 2013! Starting tomorrow I'll be doing a 365 day blog project where I'll post a picture each day of a different spot in my most favorite place- our home! It's not that big of a house so let's see if I can find 365 different things to take pictures of. ;)

Happy 2013, peeps!

xo, Kara

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  1. Happy New Year Kara!! And thank you so much for the Christmas card!! I got it on Saturday (why yes, they do deliver mail here on Saturdays!) and it's sitting pretty on the wall behind my sewing machine!


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